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Might is Right - How to Kill a Healer

Created by Sandebar   ::   Jan 14, 2020    

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How to kill a healer with quick archers if the healer heals as much as they take damage.

Using the 'Wait' Command

I came across a Herbalist in an enemy squad. My Archers decided that we first must get rid of her. But the situation was a stalemate - we inflicted as much damage to her as she healed. She had a little Health left after our attacks, but she used the Heal and started the next round without a scratch.

Using the 'Wait' command in battle, we allowed Herbalist to spend her healing before we damage her. As a result, we postponed our move to the end of the round, we attacked last in the current round and the first in the next. And the herbalist simply did not have a chance to heal herself.

Created by Sandebar.