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Might is Right - How to Play the Sentry

Created by Sandebar   ::   Jan 14, 2020    

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How to do decent damage with the Sentry, while defending.


Sentry is the best defence specialist. They are perfect for protecting garrisons from enemies and can deal good damage in your squad.

If your Sentry tends to take a beating from enemies, then take a look at the talent named 'Retribution Shield'. With this talent, all enemies attacking your Sentry in the Defensive Stance will receive 'true damage'. The amount of damage depends on the Sentry's Armour parameter.

If you, in addition to the 'Retribution Shield', learn all the talents with Armour, and your healers and buffers increase the value of Armour parameter, then the damage will be very acidic even by the standards of Swordsmen and Sharpshooters. In this case, your Sentry will receive minimal damage.

Created by Sandebar.