Combat Monsters – Hard Mode: Campaign

Combat Monsters - Hard Mode: Campaign
Combat Monsters - Hard Mode: Campaign

A little help on making it through those harder quests.

Deck Building

1. Doc Pain – He’s available early on with higher hp and 4 mojo. His defense ability can mitigate damage early on.

2. Zombies – Use low cost zombies to fill the field before your opponent is close enough to initiate combat. They will get more hp as any creature dies so balance between front line and ranged; This will allow you to strengthen the side your enemy inadvertently powers up.

3. Defensive Equipment – My equipment focus solely on Doc Pain as the AI seems to target your creatures down with equipment too quickly. I prefer Mojo boosting equipment that doesn’t sacrifice attack, as Doc Pain doesn’t have much to begin with. (Grab a flame causing weapon if possible).

4. Mojo Runes – My preference is 2 Mojo+2 and 2 Mojo+1. This allows for helping great and awful hands.

5. Skills – Watch for useful skills such as Ignite and Regen.


1. Early battle – Use your low cost zombies to spam the field early on. When they die, they’ll buff whoever is remaining. The enemy will take out 2 at a time, so try for at least 4 before initiating combat. If you can avoid combat long enough, get some mojo runes on the field to allow for better combos.

2. Mid battle – Buff up your Doc Pain with at least two pieces of equipment, he’ll be taking a lot of hits on the front lines.

3. Late battle – Use Doc Pain to acquire the tiles on the field that you need for each situation. He should be able to take the hits by now. If you’re still lacking on Mojo, get these and throw units on attack tiles.

4. Suggestions 

Summon + Regen: These units almost always get focused down before you can use them. One great tip is to get enough mojo to summon and cast the spell in one round. I always hit Doc Pain with it first. Hit another damage dealer next round if able.

Use ignite/flame: If nothing else, you can turtle out a win by hitting the enemy with flame and healing yourself and buffing your defense.

Pox: I don’t like this one because I’m usually closer to the enemy, but pox will damage during upkeep similar to flame. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET IT SPREAD TO YOUR TEAM. Pox will also jump to touching units, enemy or ally, during upkeep.

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