Citadel: Forged With Fire – Useful Tips & Tricks

Citadel: Forged With Fire - Useful Tips & Tricks
Citadel: Forged With Fire - Useful Tips & Tricks

This guide is a collection of useful tricks and game mechanics.

Tips & Tricks

  • How fast you gather ressources like stone, wood and so on is dependent from your damage. So if you want to gather very fast you’ll need a melee weapon (those have the highest weapon damage, perfect for gathering) and learn bloodlust. This spell doubles your damage, thus your gather speed. If you don’t want to craft melee weapons, just switch your weapon while bloodlust is active. With damage higher than 400 a stone is gathered in like 3 seconds. 
  • Speaking of Bloodlust, it’s mostly more useful to cast spells right after cooldown instead of holding it down to channel. A good pattern for gathering is 1x Bloodlust -> Gather 2x ressource until it disappears -> repeat. 
  • It is also good practice to use Bloodlust and switch to your main weapon to deal damage, this also doubles the damage of DoT-Spells like Necrosis. Dealing 5000+ damage is possible this way. 
  • Rune Recyclers – or what I call them – The Trashbin. In most cases you’ll need 5 items to create 1 rune. Some items do give more, one Precious Stone for example returns 3 runes. The common thing you should do is use the Deconstructor beforehand. In some or most cases the base materials do give more runes than the original item. Take one Irisite for example, with deconstructing you’ll get 2 precious stones and 1 fire essence. Which gives you 7 runes. 
  • Other good materials for the Recycler are iron ores, which gives 1:1 and are kinda abundant if you harvest a lot stones, monsters and so on. If you have iron bars then deconstruct them. 
  • Talking about deconstructing, always deconstruct equipment instead of putting it in the Rune Recycler. The base materials are a lot more valuable, especially high level equipment found in chests and from monsters. 
  • With the current version you’ll even get Flawless Gems out of level 59 armor and weapons found from level 60+ monsters. One Pyrant once gave me like 250 Flawless Gems and when you deconstruct those, you’ll get like 550 runes, neat huh? 
  • As of now a Mana Generator can feed up to 10 structures. 
  • A good stone or wood farm consists of 9 placed like 3×3 field. Then build 3 walls high and place a floor in the middle of the 3×3 field (the floor has to be 3 levels higher of the ground where the stone/wood generator is placed on) and place a Mana Generator in the middle of it. It will feed all 9 stone/wood generators, without trying to reach other stone/wood generators nearby. Repeat this with more 3×3 fields and you’ll have a farm in no time. 
  • Talking about Generators, one rune put inside the Mana Generator converts to 10 stones. A full Mana Generator will produce 500 stones. So guess what? Putting 10 stones in the Recycler gives you 2 runes, profit! (Sure it takes a lot ressources until you’ll get that far, but well) 
  • Always build several Forges, Tailoring Benches and so on. And with several I mean A LOT, like 8+ of each. This speeds up mid- to late game crafting, because some items do need 3 or more minutes to craft and you need tons. 
  • When crafting armor or weapons always go for at least rare (green) or if you are lucky orange (epic). Rare is kinda easy to get and gives you 3 magic attributes, epic even 4. When crafting common or uncommon crap, always put it into the deconstructer to get 75-100% of your materials back and repeat the process. 
  • Your most wanted magic attribute should be “ManaRegen”, having several pieces is a godsend and makes progressing easier by a big margin. 
  • “MagicFindPercentage” is for a higher success rate crafting good equipment, but ignore it, because it is stated not working (confirmed by dev). But if you have good equipment with high “MagicFindPercentage” put it into a chest and be happy whenever this is getting fixed. 
  • Get a ManaRegen Ring if you can. Combined with the ManaRegen Armor you’ll be a walking Mana Potion. I still regenerate mana while gathering, casting channel spells and even the flight drain is lowered quite a lot (tho you cannot wear rings and broom at the same time). 
  • A throne decays after 16 days, so if you don’t have a Reformation Stone you should rebuild it or everything is lost after the house decays, too (learned that the hard way). 
  • Not obvious from the beginning, but you can learn something in the Knowledge Tree with a rightclick instead of selecting and pressing “Learn” every time. Handy for people who respec a lot. 
  • About respecing, you’ll need a Elixier of Anmesia, which is learnable with level 40. It needs 4x Light Essence, 4x Fiery Essence, 4x Dark Essence, 30 Rune Crystals and 1 Unicorn Blood. 
  • Unicorns do also seem to have fixed spawn locations, but I’m not sure if they are kinda random for different servers. On my server they frequently spawn (sometimes 2-3 at the same time) at N 2.36 E 4.45 (The Reach region). 
  • Kinda obvious if you read the discussions and so on, but for every newbe out there: Monsters respawn every 6am and 6pm ingame time. So the next time you go into the vulcano you should go right before they respawn. So when you are on your way back you can kill everything again. 
  • With a recent patch the ressources like stone, wood and so on respawn every 4 hours in real time. 
  • Pets kinda level up once a day when you are only at the moment. Every day I login and interact with my pet for like 1-2 minutes it will level up. My Infernal Dragon is already at 70+ (Get that Rabbit to the 99s!). 
  • As for now skip the iron based Armor, it weights a ton and has no real benefit compared. 
  • Do not learn Telekinesis for now. It does not work that well, or does damage. You can lift things, which disappear after throwing or letting it fall to the ground. So save those 6 skill points. 
  • For the level 55 armor you’ll need Eagle Feathers and Skulls. The only good source are the Caves of Plavno (N 4.90 E 3.60), there are 4 eagles walking around, so if timed correctly with the 6am/pm respawn you can get 8 feathers/skulls in one run. Save them up early, even if you aren’t level 55 yet. 
  • Need a lot Precious Stone? Put Obsidian, Irisite or Amethyst into the Deconstructor. Each gives 2 Precious Stone and 1 fire/dark/light essence. You can find these at special locations on the map. Clearing one Giant Geode (Amethyst) for example gives about 60-80 Amethysts, which returns 120-180 Precious Stones. Clearing is fast and gives a lot exp, too. The only downside is the weight, so get your donke- eh pet I mean and use it as a mobile storage. 
  • Building in the air is not possible, without a stable foundation or pillars/walls. But before you place floors randomly and create tons of pillars which costs extra materials try to create a “Bridge”. Stone for example can reach out 2 tiles before it needs another pillar. If you make use of this you can actually place 4 tiles between two pillars of stone. Wood can even extend 3 tiles, so you can create a bridge with 6 tiles and 2 pillars (Imagine it like this |”””| instead of |”’|”’|). 
  • If you have a flying pet make sure to never land it. Keep it in the air and command it to stay -> passive. This way it stays save from monsters but it also won’t bug into the ground or building. I lost tons of pets because of this, so please listen to Green Peace and let them live.
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