Mad Tower Tycoon – Tips for Maximizing Lift Efficiency

Mad Tower Tycoon - Tips for Maximizing Lift Efficiency
Mad Tower Tycoon - Tips for Maximizing Lift Efficiency

Tips for elevator planing.


Note: Credit goes to NB4Locke

Lift capacity can be increased by leveling up and taking the appropriate skills. Eventually you’ll unlock double, then triple lifts.

I believe you need to place a sound barrier on both sides of a lift shaft to properly mitigate noise.

Big lifts aren’t good for much. You might have better results if you use regular or express lifts. Yes, they carry less. However, they are much faster. Which often works out to being more effective. (At least in terms of stress on visitors.)

You should also try altering individual settings for each lift. (Assuming you have not done so already.) Default settings are insufficient once you have 300+ people in the building. In particular, selecting “Top to Bottom” or “Bottom to Top” can be a big help. It’s situational, and choosing incorrectly will only make things worse.

Adding a staff-only lift can help reduce crowding. As will additional entrances to better distribute lift users.

Also consider breaking up your lifts into sections, and connecting them by stairs. (Or with small, short lifts adjacent.) I find that any lift longer than ~22 floors has people angrily waiting.

It takes an absurd number of elevators to keep people moving around a skyscraper. The Empire State Building, for example, has over 100 floors. This requires 73 elevators. With only one elevator running from the lobby to the 80th floor.

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