Dark Souls 3 – End-Game Soul Farming Guide

Dark Souls 3 - End-Game Soul Farming Guide
Dark Souls 3 - End-Game Soul Farming Guide

This guide explains in detail end-game soul farming after the lord of cinder.

Guide to Soul Farming During End-Game


I don’t claim to have discovered this or neither am I the original founder. I’m just promoting a good way of soul farming.


  • Serpent ring/+3.
  • Shield of want.
  • Archdragon peak.

+ souls.

Note: Both these items boost soul drops.

Arch Dragons Peak

Dragon Kin Mausoleum

Teleport here at the Mausoleum bonfire and wait near the door.

The knight will appear.

The summon

A spirit will summon in front of you.

He’s pretty tanky but you can back stab on first go.

He drops 6,000 souls a pop.

Note: He respawns.


Easiest way to down him is stand behind him and wait for the glow to dissapear and backstab him off the bat. Then hit em with the strong attacks and you can 1 cycle him.

Keep killing him.

Note: A harder enemy can be summond and he’s much harder.

Rest at bonfire if you need

Also rest if the fatty spawns instead.


Easy 100,000 souls in 5-10 minutes or so.

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