Space Engineers – Just Survive Mission (Tips and Tricks)

Space Engineers - Just Survive Mission (Tips and Tricks)
Space Engineers - Just Survive Mission (Tips and Tricks)

How to Beat the Just Survive Mission

Note: Credit goes to Darranis the Kingslayer

Important Stuff

To beat the Just Survive mission you need a few things:

  1. Steel so you can build armor around the beacon and station.
  2. At least 40 gatling turrets spread between the 3 points around the station.
  3. 5 to 10 missile turrets to assist the gatlings.
  4. Storage / ammo for your turrets.
  5. Parts to repair and replace destroyed emplacements.

Note: At around wave 70 the speed of which you move on slow greatly. Missile turret spam helps here after.

Tips and Tricks

  • Every 10 rounds a “boss ship” spawns your gatlings if setup properly can take them out before it gets near the station.
  • Round 70 is where the gatlings effectiveness starts to drop off as larger and heavier ships start spawning.
  • Smack turrets everywhere you can.
  • Speed mods make the mission faster to beat.
  • Leave trash removal on at 20 blocks.
  • Protect the beacon button panel and interior light 10 to no fail.
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