Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Defeat Final Boss

Remnant: From the Ashes - How to Defeat Final Boss
Remnant: From the Ashes - How to Defeat Final Boss

This guide does not contain any significant spoilers, so your immersion won’t break.

Guide on How to Kill Final Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Basics to Start

For this thing to work you will need:

  • An SMG (upgraded to match the level, I think +15 or so should be enough). If you don’t have an SMG and you don’t know where to find it, it’s in the room at the end of the lowest floor in the Ward 13, behind the locked door. The key is located behind the fan on the same floor, to get there you need to deactivate the power via fuse box. The SMG should be modded with Song of Swords, it’s important for the damage output. The Song of Swords is a mod you can get by killing The Warden boss, located in Ring of Trials on Yaesha.
  • Ruin (the burst sniper rifle you get from killing the General Grievous Undying King. Actually for this to work you may try some other weapons that have high critical chance, but the Ruin is already tested in this and it works just fine.
  • Somewhat leveled Mind’s Eye, Exploiter, Executioner. May also want to level up Kingslayer (Undying King gives it upon death) and Trigger happy. If you do so, this will greatly improve you perfomance, not only in the boss fight but in the game itself, but I dont need to tell you that.
  • Devouring Loop (found on Corsus as a ranodm item) and Hunter’s Band (found on Yaesha in the same way). These to will ensure that when the boss shows it’s weakpoint for a breather, he’ll regret it soon enough.
  • Lastly, you can wear any armor you want on this. I’ve killed it with Leto’s armor and amulet so they didn’t affect my damage in the slightest. But if you want, you can wear something like Hunter set, Osserus set or Radiant set to establish your dominance.

Useful Tips to Defeat Boss

If you follow all of these and get in the boss fight, here are the steps to get that good:

  • Outrun the orbs that will be fired upon you, they’re practically still so it shpuld be easy.
  • Wait for your ticket into the Shadowzone, make sure to drink the bloodwort beforehead.
  • When you get there, whip out your SMG and start killing the basic bois, make sure you cahrge the Song of Swords.
  • Try to kill as many as you can before elites start to kick in, get at least 14 or 16 on the damage buff, don’t waste time on heavy bois or archers.
  • Right before you exit to the actual boss arena, activate the Song of Swords, and when you get back, rain fury upon that poor bastard’s fragile chasiss.
  • If everything goes as planned, he should open up the weak spot in 1-3 magazines. That’s where the party get’s started for real.
  • Take out your Ruin (If you did go with that route, if not it may not go as smooth) and unload as much bullets in the poor guy’s dome as you can before (or if) he turns back.

If the boss died in the first try of that tactic, congratulations, you just beat the final boss with little to no effort, and even if he survives he sure as hell having some regrets right now, just repeat everything from the start of the battle until he starts to beg for mercy.

And here you have it, if you read it this far then I hope you’ve at least find this information interesting. This method works flawlessly on Normal and Hard modes, and if you still have trouble with it, I suggest you level up your gear and traits some more, and probably call someone to back you up if need be.

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