Cuphead – How to Get an A+ Rank on Captain Brineybeard

Cuphead - How to Get an A+ Rank on Captain Brineybeard
Cuphead - How to Get an A+ Rank on Captain Brineybeard

This guide is mainly for you people wanting to get the Mayor achievement, but if you came here for help, sure!

Preferred Set of Items

  • Shot A- Charge
  • Shot B- Round-a-bout
  • Charm- Anything (unless you’re bad and you wanna use heart or twin hearts)
  • Super- Super 1 (for people who are good)/Super 2 (for the less experienced)

Now you’re all set up!

Phase #1 (Captain Brineybeard)

Use charge for this phase. First, let the barrel fall on you (it’s charged as soon as the fight begins), and dash away from it. When Brineybeard pulls his fish gun out, and starts shooting, parry the pink bullets. If you manage to parry all 3 pink bullets, you’re good to go now. If you got damaged without Heart or Twin Hearts, reset the fight. If you miss some parrys, well, he’ll shoot again.

Next are the extra enemies he whistles to. They come in 3 versions. The first one is the Shark. He’s there when you hear an alarm playing. Go all the way to the boat, because the shark dashes right onto the deck. He’ll go away after a few seconds. The next one are Sea Dogs. These are the most annoying enemies in my opinion. They jump on the deck like the Sharks, but on the opposite side (ship side). They come 1 at a time until 4 come out. They can easily die with 1 shot from any shooter. The last one is the Squid with the ink. He’ll spread ink all over the place and block up your screen, but he dies with 1 full charge attack.

Once the ship gets mad, you’re moving on to the 2nd, and last phase.

Phase #2 (Angry Pirate Ship)

This phase is pretty short. Switch to Round-a-bout as soon as he transforms, and also duck. Keep doing that until you’ve sucessfully killed the rest of the ship. Did I forget to mention that Captain Brineybeard gets knocked off of the ship xD… Okay, so there you go. You got your A+ rank, unless you took too long. Make sure to like and favorite this if it helped!

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