Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Friends without Benefits

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Friends without Benefits
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Friends without Benefits

So you think earning 2.000+ gold a day in Pribytzlaviz is too easy and you want to handicap yourself with those two good-for-nothing friends of yours? Good than this guide is just what you need, because chances are you haven’t been able to figure out how to get these crème de la crème of absolute peasant uselessness into your lovely blossoming little village.


Note: Credit goes to X-ztnZ

If you’re like me and you actually like the company of Fritz and Matthew, than you’ve certainly wondered how you could get these two fine good-for-nothing fellows to join you in Pribyslavitz. Right now the achievement sits at a lowly 1.3%, indicating that Fritz and Matthew are not getting the love they so desperately need.

However, considering these statistics, getting both these chaps to join you is actually not as difficult as it might seem. For starters: you will need to have the From the Ashes DLC installed. The rest is a matter of finishing their questline. In this guide I will give you a short overview of the quests you need to complete to unlock the Friends without Benefits (incidentally, in the process I’ll also cover the Judas achievement as an encore).

This won’t be an indepth, step-by-step walkthrough, because most of their quests are rather straightforward and will lead to the desired result no matter your choices. I’ll give the final quest a bit more love though, because it’s very easy to muck up and thus not get the achievement. Now let’s talk details.


You will first meet your friends during the prologue in Skalitz. During the introduction quest Unexpected Visit you’ll team up with this pair of mischievous devils to spread chaos and pandemonium and become the scourge of this mediaeval moat-and-bailey town. After the introduction you will lose sight of both gentlemen for quite some time, however, eventually you will stumble once again upon these two hapless souls…


While progressing through the game Heinrich will eventually make his way to the town of Sasau—a town build at the foot of a burgeoning monastery build along the eponymous river. While approaching the Sasau Wagoners’ Inn you should be hailed by two gaily clad fellows whom are loitering around the entrance gate to the tavern—alternatively either the Bailiff of Sasau, the host of the Wagoners’ Inn or the proprietor of the Tavern Green Inn can tip you off on Fritz and Matthew’s whereabout (these two busybody’s sure seem to have made quite a name for themselves during their brief stay at Sasau).

Regardless, talk to Fritz and Matthew and listen to their plight to start their questline. In between quests your ‘friends’ tend to relocate quite a bit, hence it can be hard to keep track of them to continue their story. However, to get both of them to join you at Pribyslavitz you will first need to play through their entire quest tree. Else both Fritz and Matthew will tell you that they can’t because they’ve got things to take care of… yeah I buy that story (even though they—undoubtedly cast by the vicissitudes of fate—are two lazy unemployed ne’er-do-wells with nothing but time on their hands).

To get the Friends without Benefits you will need to complete:

  • A Friend In Need… (Sasau)
  • A Costly Brawl (Sasau)
  • …Is a Friend Indeed (Ledetchko)
  • Masquerade (Inn in the Glade: Fritz, Matthew & Andrew)
  • Besmirched (Inn in the Glade: Andrew)
  • A Rock and a Hard Place (Inn in the Glade: Matthew)
  • (Optional) Gallows Brothers*** (Inn in the Glade: Andrew)

*** Although you can technically start, and complete, Gallows Brothers and still get the Friends without Benefits achievement, it is neither needed nor advised to do so. The quest can quite easily lead to the early demise of your friends—thus barring you from getting the achievement. Completing it, however, is a necessary prerequisite for the Judas achievement. If you want both achievements in a single run, and don’t mind to reload after getting either, you can do so with minimal efforts (see last section).


Go to Sasau and either approach Fritz and Matthew on your own or get prompted to do so by first talking to the Bailiff of either innkeep in Sasau. Talk to Fritz and Matthew at the Sasau Wagoners’ Inn (that is the inn at the Sasau Monastery side of the Sasau river) and pledge to help them out. This starts the A Friend In Need… quest.

A Friend In Need…

Turns out Fritz and Matthew didn’t do as good as you after Skalitz, and they’re in desperate need of coin. Matthew suggest they could work for Theresa’s uncle. Go to the Rattay Mill and talk to Theresa (who will be overjoyed with the news of Fritz and Matthew’s survival) and suggest you talk to the Ledetchko miller. Go there and talk with Miller Oliver and get him to hire Skalitz finest working duo.

A Costly Brawl

During A Friend In Need… Matthew mentions that the monastery owes them some money. Being the good friend you are you no doubt will feel positively inclined to help them mediate. However, press Matthew a bit more and it turns out they might’ve beat up one of the monks at the monastery (brother Elias).

Go to the monastery, talk with Johanka (another Skalitz survivor) who will give you a little lecture and eventually you will be prompted to approach brother Elias. He seems quite happy to promise Fritz and Matthew eternal damnation for their misdeeds—however—being the good Christian you are, you persuade good brother Elias to nullify the debt (or you can pay it yourself).

…Is a Friend Indeed

Having ended up at the Ledetchko Mill, Fritz and Matthew seem to be living the good life. However, after a couple of days they seem to be in need of our fine hero’s help again. Talk to them and …Is a Friend Indeed should start. Turns out they actually like being at the mill (well Matthew at least), but the foreman—old Thomas—seems to make live miserable for them.

You can either bribe the foreman to go easy on your friends, ambush him while tempting him into a game of cards, or provoke him into a fist fight with your friends. Either way should finish the quest. You can also talk to the Miller and investigate the goings-on at the Mill, which might to a more satisfying—albeit more out of character—ending.


Once again on the run for the boys in blue, our duo—whom are rapidly depleting their monetary needs—end up at the Inn in the Glade, where they hatched another fabulous plan with the help of the illicit innkeeper Andrew. Talk to the innkeep and agree to help them—and in the process make a complete fool out of yourself—which starts Masquerade. After playing a lot off fetch, eventually, you’ll complete the quest. This should lead to…


…the next quest (Besmirched), which starts by talking to the innkeep whom has an interesting business opportunity for you. Agree to look into it and go to Rattay to find the robbed man. Talk to him, and go back to inform Andrew of your findings. He’ll name drop the culprit who turns out to be a charcoal burner at Rovna. Now you can either intimidate him in revealing the trinket’s location, buy the trinket from him, pickpocket him for money, or outright kill him. Do what you must and return either to Adam or Andrew to complete the quest.

Finally, you can talk to Fitz and Matthew again to get a new quest. Do so.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Our friends seem to want to force a change in their fortunes and they have just the scheme to make it work. Turns out they want to rob out the miners at the stone quarry when it’s their payday. Never to afraid to get your hands dirty, you graciously accept the offer to be their accomplish in crime and you work out the details.

At this point you can also talk to innkeep Andrew and start Gallows Brothers. You don’t really need this quest, and in a way it only complicates getting Fritz and Matthew to join you in Pribyslavitz.


Regardless, go to Talmberg and speak to the stablemaster, who will inform you that the horses have gotten an unfortunate fit of colic. Press him further, and after a successful persuasion check, he’ll tell you that the horses are needed by the guards in 5 days time at noon. Continue talking with him and mention the herbalist, which he seems less than enthusiastic about.

Head out to the herbalist and find out that the loathing is mutual. Mention that you could sorta hurt the horses without killing them and she’ll tell you how to do it. Return with the poison and give this recipe to the stablemaster.

Sir Robard

Next visit Sir Robard. If you started Gallows Brothers make sure not to spill your beans on the ambush. Instead talk to him about the guards and mention how your liege lord—Sir Radzig—needs some extra manpower to root out the Cumans in the region. Pass two persuasion checks and Sir Robard will agree to hand over some guards.

The raid

Now go and find Fritz and Matthew at their hideout above the quarry. Inform them about the time of the attack and about your attempts to lessen the guards. Ask him what they learned, and he’ll inform you the money will most likely be held under guard in the lodging closest to their hideout. Now you can either come back at the destined hour (turns out the money train arrives not at noon but in the morning), or just tell Matthew you’ll wait with them, which should skip 5 days time.

Either use stealth, brute strength or subterfuge to get the money. Make sure Fritz and Matthew survive, and meet them at the meadow after the heist. Give them their share of money and they’ll be off to spend it.

About a day after sharing the loot they will return to the Inn in the Glade and you can ask them to join you in Pribyslavitz. Seems that Fritz and Matthew have run out of things to do and they are more than willing to join you in your little fiefdom. Agree with both Fritz and Matthew and the achievement is yours! Congrats.

Gallows Brothers

For some added spice you can also start Gallows Brothers. Do so by talking to innkeep Andrew about the heist and accept hisproposition. This should start Gallows Brothers. Because we want the Friends without benefits achievement—and there is no sense in starting this quest if you only want it to fail—go and talk with Matthew and tell him about Andrews plan to sell them out. Matthew will be infuriated and wanting to kill Andrew right away, but Heinrich will manage to convince him that selling Andrew out to Sir Robard is more fun.

Continue as described in A Rock and a Hard Place. Whatever you do, don’t mention ze heist when talking to Sir Robard, and when you’ve stolen the money make sure to visit the Inn in the Glade and plant the fake evidence in the cellar below the inn (which can be accessed via the backroom). After that return to Sir Robard and tell him you know who has robbed the money train—snitch out and tell him that Andrew—and only Andrew—was responsible and Sir Robard will depart.

Meet up with your friends (if you didn’t already) divide the loot and return to the inn for a nice little extra touch. About a day later your friends will arrive at the inn (sometimes they’re in the stables to the back) and ask them to join you in Pribyslavitz. Agree with both and that’s it for the Friends without Benefits achievement.


If you also want the Judas achievement, you can make a hard save just before snitching out to Sir Robard. Now, don’t tell him Andrew was the culprit, but lay the blame on Fritz, Matthew and Andrew. Sir Robard will depart for the Inn and deal with them succinctly. The achievement should pop up once you return to the Inn at the Glade—interestingly, it’ll also unlock if either Fritz or Matthew, or both, died during the heist and you blame them afterwards.

Now reload your hard save, and continue as described above to get Friends without Benefits.

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