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Enderal: Forgotten Stories - How to Kill Immortal NPC or Guard

Created by Viiper   ::   Jan 1, 2020    

Did you ever tried to kill that scummy weak guard but no results? he keeps standing up and falling like donkey? No worry! This guide will show you how eventually kill Some of the NPC or guard who get on your nerves.

Killing Immortal NPC or Guard

Important note: I didn't checked if this works on every npc / guard some of them has more health or so.

First of all you don't need any of mods or ♥♥♥ like that. But what you need is to finish Rhalata's questline which begins in undercity arena in Ark after beating the 5th fight with Tharael.

Follow the Rhalata's questline till end ( ends after Tharael jumps from the cliff).

  1. Before he jumps you getting a key to the locked chest Location = Ark - Undercity main cavern - Shed (first home on the left side).
  2. Get in.
  3. Get the stuff form the chest right at left, there should be book inside.
  4. Read it.
  5. Unleashed Fury talent learned (short range in front only).

Very important note: You can't be in open conflict with the guards farmers and so on. Just come in front of a guard / npc peacefully (use Unleashed Fury talent). Avadakadavra guard is down.

Created by Viiper.