Estranged – Water Collector Achievement Guide

Estranged - Water Collector Achievement Guide
Estranged - Water Collector Achievement Guide

An easy way to get the Water Collector Achievement.

Water Collector

If you’re okay with cheating, here’s an easy way to get Water Collector with console commands that doesn’t require sv_cheats to be active.

Step #0: If you haven’t enabled console commands already, go to the main menu, navigate to Options > Game Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Console, and check the box.

Step #1: Load a save at the very end of the game. If you don’t have one, enter “map sp10thewareshouse” into the console to get to the last map and play through it yourself until you reach the final area, then save the game there just in case before continuing.

Step #2: Point your mouse cursor over an area directly in front of you and execute these two console commands:

  • prop_physics_create props_junk/metalbucket01a.mdl
  • ent_setname wilson_the_bucket

This will create a normal metal bucket functionally identical to the one at the beginning of the game. It won’t have childish drawings on it like the real thing, but achievement-wise the game can’t tell the difference.

Step #3: Carry your new bucket to the cabin at the end of the game and fall through the floor while holding it. Then you’ll get the achievement.

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