SuperSmash – How to Beat The AI

SuperSmash - How to Beat The AI
SuperSmash - How to Beat The AI

This guide will show you how to out smart the A.I and defeat them with ease.

A.I and The Hole

The A.I are programed to run straight at you and avoid walls But… they can not avoid gaps (what i mean by this is that they will try to jump over gaps but if its to big they will fall under the map) Using this will allow you to get the A.I to run of the map. The best way to do this is with guns such as: thruster, Mini Gun, Shot gun, or any gun that will allow you to stay in the air long enough for them to jump down.

Please Note: If the path finding has been fixed this will be useless.

Single File Line

An A.I will try to find the shortest and fastest way to get to a player meaning that they will not try to doge your bullets. you can use this to your advantage by getting to an open space and walking backwards giving you a perfect shot.

Difficulty Difference

What is the difference between the difficulty: easy normal and hard?


They attack less and do not know how to block your attacks.


They attack a little bit more than easy and still don’t know how to block.


They will attack whenever possible and will block as much as possible. going up against three is a nightmare without a plan.

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