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Far Cry 5 - Jacobs River Hunting Spot

Created by Nicpus   ::   Dec 24, 2019    

Another great hunting spot!

Where is This Place?

Most of the animals i found were inside of the red line.

I would recommend running around the edge of the red line over and over again to get more animals.

What Can I Expect to Find Here?


Whitetail Deer


Alpha Caribou


Grizzly Bear

You can also find: Alpha Whitetail Deer, Seagull, Crow's (Obviously) and Rainbow Trout wich you can fish at the river end.


Take with Jess Black and another npc with a bow or a friend and you should be able to get lots of animals in a short amount of time.

Other hunters that you can sell to walks in this area aswell. Although they do get killed easly by Grizzly Bears and Cougars.

Game:   Far Cry 5
Created by Nicpus.