Rome: Total War – Noob’s Guide to CWB (Clan War Belt)

Rome: Total War - Noob's Guide to CWB (Clan War Belt)
Rome: Total War - Noob's Guide to CWB (Clan War Belt)

Help new players get used to multiplayer!

What is CWB?

CWB is the most common rules in Rome Total War Multiplayer community. It means Clan War Belt, the rule set was developed over the time by the community to give every faction a fair chance to win in the multiplayer scene.

Rule Set

  • Max 6 of any one individual unit type.
  • Max 8 cavalry.
  • Max 8 long range foot missile types.
  • Max 2 horse archers (These count towards the cavalry maximum, but not towards the missile maximum. That means that a faction like Scythia under these rules could contain 10 archer units when the 2 horse archers are included).
  • Max 2 beserkers.
  • No artillery.
  • No elephants (The lack of artillery and elephants is not because they provide an “unfair advantage”, but precisely the opposite, to discourage new players from using ineffective units that are easily countered).
  • No red line camping.

Army Builds for Each Faction


The Urbans have javalins that can destroy any enemy infantry unit or cavalry. The Praetorian cavalries are second only to cataphracts in the game, this is a very strong army and easy to use.


Macedon has the best pikes in the game. Combined with great archers, they make a great defensive choice.

Greek City States

They lack any good cavalry unit, so you must defend your back line with great infantry micro. The spartans are amazing in battle, so this army is best used to grind down your opponent through sheer numbers.


They have both legions and pikes which makes them very flexible. They also have access to cataphracts which are the best cavalry unit in the game.


Armenian Legions are basically ghetto Roman Legions. Even though they are not as good as urbans, they are very cheap.


The berserkers are very op and limited to 2. They can smash through any infantry unit, don’t send them against pikes though.


They are a very well rounded faction with good skirmish cavalry. You can harass your opponent very easily.

Final Tip! Don’t use Thracia, they suck.

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