Elon Simulator 2019 – 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Elon Simulator 2019 - 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough
Elon Simulator 2019 - 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Elon Simulator 2019, 100% Achievement Guide, Gameplay Basics & Complete Video Walkthrough.


Elon Simulator 2019 has a total of 9 Steam achievements, all of which can be earned in a single playthrough taking less than 3 minutes to complete.

Elon Simulator 2019 is a game similar in style to the classic / retro arcade game Tempest (which, unlike Elon Simulator 2019, is awesome, if you haven’t played it I recommend that you do at some point in your life).

The aim of the game is to destroy mines and asteroids trying to get as high a score as possible while avoiding being hit by said objects. While you can just avoid the mines and asteroids (there are no negative effects if they fly off screen behind you), you earn 100 points for each one you destroy.

You have a health bar in the top left of the screen, if you are hit by a mine or asteroid you lose 20% of your health, from time to time blue semi transparent orbs containing darker blue spinning crosses will fly towards you, these are health power ups, collecting these (by touching them) will increase your health bar by 20% (but not beyond its maximum).

As noted earlier, Elon Simulator 2019 is like Tempest a game which belongs to the tube or tunnel shooter genre. You move with the mouse around the screen but you have no control over your movement forwards, which is constant and you fire your weapon with the left mouse button, which you can fire as fast as you can tap. Pretty simple, but it can soon become very chaotic.

Note that at the time of writing, Steam is still “learning about this game” so achievements will not yet count towards profile totals, I’m somewhat unsure of the “learning” process, but given the positive reviews, it should only be a matter of time until they count towards profile totals.

Achievement Guide

I have to confess to not knowing the exact triggers for the achievements in Elon Simulator 2019, although I believe them to be score related.

On the first level I got 3 stars and…

  • When my score reached 2000 points “You have left the Earth behind!” unlocked and…
  • When my score reached 4000 points “Welcome in Space! Put your contume on, bro, the air is so different here.” unlocked.

On Level two, I also got three stars and…

  • When my score reached 1600 points “The space needs a weapon. Stronger, then you would use back at home.” unlocked,
  • When my score reached 3600 points “That’s right. There are meteorites here.. and they aren’t that friendly, are they?” unlocked,
  • When my score reached 5600 points “Your first great discovery! Just look at those amazing stars.” unlocked,
  • When my score reached 7600 points “It’s official now. You are in THE SPACE! Have a great trip there.” unlocked and…
  • When I reached 9600 points “It is the biggest meteorite you’ve destroyed so far! Keep it on!” unlocked.

One level three I did not complete the level but…

  • When my score reached 500 points “The starts are moving.. They are calling for you.” unlocked and…
  • When my score reached 2300 points “Your mission is almost complete, bro.. There is the Mars over there already!” unlocked.

Looking over some other players videos on YouTube achievements do indeed appear to be score related, entirely with an achievement popping about every 2000 points. Ignore the fact that your score resets at the start of each level, as in the background the game appears to keep a running total as where I earned 2 achievements on level 1, another player on YouTube earned just 1 achievement on level 1, then scored 100 points on level 2 (which brought his total up to 3900 points) and his second achievement popped.

In short, just play the game and try to aim for a total score across all levels of over 18,000 at which point all 9 achievements should have popped.

It should be noted that at the time I played only 56 people, including myself, had managed a score of over 18,000, that was however at the end of November 2019 and the game had only been out for about 6 weeks at that point. What I’m saying is, it isn’t that difficult, but folks with little to no coin-op arcade era experience might need a few attempts.

Video Walkthrough

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