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Granny Simulator - How to Unlock All Skins

Created by MiculPorta   ::   Dec 19, 2019    

Here is how to unlock all the skins in Granny Simulator version 0.0.7

Toddler Skins

Ninja skin: Make sure you KILL granny with a kunai on the Halloween level.

Creepy Doll skin: Make sure granny has no cookies on the tray when she goes to the demon.

Ventriloquist Doll skin: Make sure the house burns down. In order for the house to burn down you must not let granny take the cookies out of the oven.

Granny Skins

Pumpkin Head skin: Make sure granny wins the Halloween level. (Can be made on single player and as you lose as a toddler, you get the granny skin for some reason).

Created by MiculPorta.