Twin Peaks VR – 100% Achievements Guide

Twin Peaks VR - 100% Achievements Guide
Twin Peaks VR - 100% Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


Tutorial Done

Completed the tutorial.

One Eyed Willy

Place all of the map pieces back on the board.

Sheriffs Office

Completed the Sheriff’s Office.

Here’s Johnny

Chop your way through the train.


Completed the Forest.

Red Room

Completed the Red Room.

Shattered Glass

Open the glass box.

Glass Box

Completed the Glass Box.

A Space Odyssey

Climb back down from Naido’s roof.

Shocking Development

Pick up the shoes in Naido’s apartment.


Completed Naido’s apartment.

Jailhouse Rock

Escape from the jail cell.

What About BOB

Defeat BOB.


Completed the Jail.


Hmmm Donuts

Eat all of the donuts in the conference room.

Chapter 1: Eat all 30 donuts.

Paul Bunyan

Chop all of the wood in front of the cabin.

Chapter 2: There are several pieces of wood next to the axe. Chop each piece once.

I Saw Bambi

Find the deer in the forest.

Chapter 2: Find the deer nearby the cabin and scare it off with your flashlight.

The Golden Owl

Find all of the owls in the forest.

Chapter 2: The first owls will appear after approaching the train. The others will surround you when you are close to the pit. Watch them for a few seconds.

Fight Against The Sadness

Find the horse in the red room.

Chapter 3: After a few minutes, the red curtains will draw and reveal a dark forest and a white horse.

Mall Cop

Watch all of the SD cards.

Chapter 4: The SD card from the camera behind the black sofa will activate the glass box. Watch all of the others first.

Play It Again Sam

Complete the game a 2nd time.

Complete the entire game twice.


We Named The Dog Indiana

Find all the collectibles.


  • Diary (story-related)

Chapter 1

  • “Have you seen this man?” wanted poster (bulletin board, main area)
  • Chocolate Bunnies (front desk)
  • Bonsai (desk, office)
  • RR2GO cup (table, conference room)

Chapter 2

  • Bloody blanket (train)
  • Rugby ball (shortly after leaving the train)
  • Necklace (close to the rugby ball, below a movable rock)

Chapter 3

  • Green planet
  • Cup of coffee (story-related)
  • Ring (story-related)

Chapter 4

  • Cup of coffee (next to the sofa/camera, in front of the glass box)

Chapter 5

  • Wristwatch (in front of the fireplace, after the roof scene and before picking up the shoes)
  • Shoes (story-related)

Chapter 6

  • Boot (story-related)
  • Pink bathrobe (in cell 1)
  • Green fist (story-related)

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