Thief Simulator – Dude, Where’s My Sleigh? Achievement Guide

Thief Simulator - Dude
Thief Simulator - Dude

This guide will cover how to achieve the Dude, where’s my sleigh? achievement which is to steal a sleigh.

Dude, Where’s My Sleigh?

For this achievement, you will need to head to the building 307 in the Industrial St. As soon as you spawn the building will be located on the left side.

Then you will need a hacking computer. Doesn’t have to be the pro version.

Then hack the gate and as soon as you enter the Sleigh will be located on the right side.

You will need a car pick to steal the Sleigh

Then you are good to go!

This car is worth 500$ when you steal it, which is barely anything but there you go!

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