Wildfrost – Official FAQ

Official FAQ for Wildfrost

Who is developing Wildfrost?

Wildfrost is a collaboration between Will Lewis (Programmer & Designer, Deadpan Games) and Gaziter (Artist & Designer)! Will previously developed Caveblazers, a brutal roguelike platformer, while Gaz has produced art for Forager and KnotBot.

When will Wildfrost release?

Wildfrost is currently scheduled to release on April 12, 2023!

What platforms will Wildfrost be available on?

Wildfrost will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

What languages will Wildfrost be playable in?

So far we’re able to initially confirm Japanese, Korean, and Simplified & Traditional Chinese localisation. For further localisation plans we will be closely watching wishlist data and player feedback to evaluate which languages the community are most interested in!

How many players does it support?

Wildfrost is a single player game.

What is Wildfrost built in?

Wildfrost is being developed in Unity.

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