We Were Here Forever – Official FAQ

We Were Here Forever FAQ

What is We Were Here Forever?

The game We Were Here Forever is the 4th game in the We Were Here series. It’s the latest and newest instalment in the game series.

How many We Were Here games are there?

With We Were Here Forever, there are four games in total.

  • We Were Here was our very first game, to get a taste of the series you can play this one for free.
  • We Were Here Too is the sequel which gives you more time to roam the halls of Castle Rock.
  • We Were Here Together takes you outside of Castle Rock and gives you more, more, MORE!
  • We Were Here Forever is the game where you’ll continue as the two explorers who were left behind in the previous games.

What is the game about?

As in the previous games, you and your partner are back in the cold Antarctic environment, where the ever so puzzling Castle Rock draws you in…

You start off imprisoned in the castle’s dungeon. Only with your trusted walkie-talkie in hand, your first task is to escape and meet up with your fellow explorer.

Besides escaping and exploring the dark secrets of the dungeon, Castle Rock and the Keep, there’s more of the mysterious world out there. You’ll stumble upon the town of Rockbury – abandoned and cursed, being nothing but a memory of what it once was. Furthermore, you’ll make your way down the Graveyard, where maybe more lies than just the dead. And what about that old Puppet Workshop? Some might still be waiting to be played with…

Will you and your partner uncover the grand puzzle that has been there all along? What if everything that has happened to you was always meant to be? Are you the missing puzzle piece in this time tresening mystery that someone (or something) has been waiting for?

When can we expect We Were Here Forever?

We Were Here Forever is expected on May 10 for PC players and soon after on console (Xbox One, Xbox Series XIS and PlayStation 4&5).

Will We Were Here Forever be added to the existing bundle?

No, We Were Here Forever will not be added to the current bundle of the WWH series. There will be a new bundle where you can find all four of the games.

How much will the new game cost?

The base game will cost €17.99 /$17,99 with over 12 hours of gameplay! The biggest entry so far!

​Is there also local co-op?

Considering the nature of our games there is not going to be a local co-op, just like the other games We Were Here Forever is online co-op only.

​Will there be crossplay?

Steam and Epic players can play together.

How long will We Were Here Forever take to play?

We Were Here Forever will be even bigger and better than its predecessors, expect 12+ hours of gameplay… you might even be stuck in it FOREVER! 

Is the Jester still alive?

All we can say is, be prepared explorer, be prepared.

Will this be the final game?

You’ll have to be here to find out…

Is the game standalone or do I need to play the entire series?

As like all our other games, We Were Here Forever is a standalone game. However we do advise players to play our games in order of release for the best experience. OR have a look at the We Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock where we give some background story to cold yet very much alive Rockbury!

What are the ‘Chronicles of Castle Rock’?

‘Chronicles of Castle Rock’ is a live action video series that expands more on the lore of the We Were Here series! There will be six in total! They will be available here on YouTube .

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