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General Questions

When will the game be available on Steam?

We decided to shift the launch of the game on Steam to better prepare future game systems, story content and better test the game. We’re not ready to announce other dates for now, but we’ll be sure to share them with you once everything is confirmed!

Will the game have cross-play?

We have plans to implement cross-play between EGS and Steam when the game comes out on Steam, yes.

What’s the difference between the demo on Steam and the beginning of the game available on another platform?

Demo on Steam is a more polished version of the game. The demo version is a representation of how the game will begin and what it will be like in the future. It involves the story and the game balance.

Will I be able to use the demo savefile for the full game once it’s available?

Our current plan is to provide this opportunity, however it may change in the future if the demo and full game become too different.


My gun has disappeared!

Press the default key 3 on your keyboard to pull your gun out again. As a last resort, you can restart the game.

How do I invert my mouse?

This option is located in the Settings menu > Controls.

Can you disable HUD for screenshots?

You can press * on the numpad as a temporary solution, but this does not hide 100% of the interface elements.

How do I turn off Motion Blur?

You can turn off this effect in the Settings > Display menu.


Can the game be played offline?


I can’t connect to server/my friend

We don’t affect the connection between players in any way, it’s direct. Most likely, the problem is with your Internet connection.

The items below may help you solve your connection problem:

  1. Add the game to firewall exceptions or try disabling the firewall.
  2. Make sure your versions are up to date.
  3. Try using public DNS (Cloudfare or Google).
  4. Make sure that your PC has the correct date and time settings.
  5. If none of the above points do help you, you’d better try to open ports yourself or by contacting your internet service provider. The recommended port is 7777.

Random player joined my game and can’t build anything. Why is that?

The game automatically prohibits any actions from random players that can affect the host’s game experience (objects destruction, train handling, etc.) The host can permit those actions within Pause Menu > Session > Prohibitions and permits (three stripes icon, left to the nickname of a player). All of the activities are automatically permitted to the players from the host’s friends list, but you can make some prohibitions using the same method as above.

How do I join friends?

Whoever is hosting must start/resume a game, set “Is it an open server?” under Session in the Pause Menu to “Only for friends” or “Yes”. If you choose “Yes”, then anyone can find the game in the “Find Game” option in the main menu. If you choose “Only for friends”, then only those in your Steam contacts list can see the server in the “Find Game” option in the main menu. The server can be closed again afterwards, if you wish.

What are Epic Online Services (EOS)?

Epic Online Services are services that help us create the cooperative component of the game. EOS is used to create peer-to-peer network connections between players. Using EOS also allows us to have cross-play between the Steam and Epic versions of the game when Voidtrain launches on Steam in the future.

What information do I share from my account through EOS?

Only your public Steam ID.

Do I need an Epic Games account to use EOS?


Do I need to have the Epic Games Launcher installed?


Why didn’t you use Steam services to connect?

Unfortunately, Steamworks does not allow us to create cross-platform systems. It would also have increased the number of independent systems, forcing us to support two different products with their aspects and potential bugs. It would also significantly affect the development time and support efficiency

Issues, Crashes and Bugs

My video card runs too hot when playing Voidtrain.

Most likely your GPU is just trying to give maximum performance because you haven’t limited your FPS or turned VSync on. In most cases – this is normal. And it is not a problem with your GPU or PC if you have a good cooling system. But if you are worried, then you need to turn on VSync or limit your FPS rate. This will reduce your GPU power consumption and lower the risk of overheating.

The game takes enormous time to launch, how to fix it?

There have been recent updates to the Oculus VR app that have resulted in the destabilization of some functionality in the game. This can be resolved by uninstalling the app, and the game will then properly launch.

My game crashed with the DirectX and GPU error.

In our experience, this crash most often happens when your GPU conflicts with the game engine or with the system. It’s usually due to the fact that the player does not have the VSync option enabled through the game settings, or the FPS limit is not set in the GPU settings. In this case, the GPU is trying to give maximum performance, and this can lead to errors. As mentioned above, since it is not directly related to the game, the solution is to enable VSync, limit the FPS in the GPU settings, and try to update or reinstall the video drivers.

I’m trying to start the game, but it doesn’t open and is shown as running.

In some cases, EOS (Epic Online Services) may conflict with another EOS already installed on your PC and hinder the launch of the game.

To launch the game you need to close the Epic Online Services Host process in the Task Manager.

If that doesn’t help: rename the files EOSOverlayRenderer-Win32-Shipping.exe and EOSOverlayRenderer-Win64-Shipping.exe to EOSOverlayRenderer-Win32-Shipping-.exe and EOSOverlayRenderer-Win64-Shipping-.exe

These files are located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Epic Online Services\managedArtifacts\ – further there is a folder with a name consisting of many characters, for example, 98bc04bc842e4906993fd6d6644ffb8d

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