Tiny Rogues – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I sell items

Currently, you cannot sell items. I try to not introduce too much inventory micromanagement into the game. For now, drop items on the floor to get rid of them.

What’s the broken hero sword good for

It currently does nothing.

How can I open the final doors?

Those are currently just teasers for future content.

The game is too easy!

Making the game more challenging will be my first priority after launch. Stay with me and keep updated!

I experience small laggs / game freezes sometimes

Please share with me when it happened. A very very minor amount of people experience this issue (so far like 3 people of all players). I’d love to know when it happens exactly, some people said on room changing or on death? I think it has to do with the game engine (Unity) loading and unloading assets in the background. I will try to resolve this issue in a future patch.

Does it run on Steamdeck?

People have been saying they are playing on Steamdeck. I don’t own one, but they say it works perfectly. Take their word not mine and check the community board here for other opinions!

Gamepad / Controller Support

Full Support is planned to be added in the future. It is very very high up on my list of priorities.

MaxOS Support

I have not decided yet. I will have to do some testing on a Mac, and I never used an Apple product in my life before.

Linux Support

Same as MacOS support. But, people are saying you can run it with “Proton”, I personally don’t know what that is.

Other languages / Localization

Currently not that high on the priority list, some parts of the game support localization already but a lot doesn’t yet.


You can find the current OST on YouTube. Currently a lot of songs are quite short, I am thinking about having my music producer extend some shorter songs in the future.

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