The Soulwalkers – Official FAQ

Here’s a list of some questions you might have about The Soulwalkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this release?

The current plan is to launch by the end of 2024.

Will this launch into early access?

The Soulwalkers will be launching as a complete experience without early access.

Will there be a beta/demo/prologue?

Yes, there will be a closed playtest as well as a demo. There may be a prologue depending on how many wishlists the game earns throughout the next few months.

Will this game be supported post launch?

Yes, the game will be regularly patched with free content updates post launch. Depending on how the game performs there may be larger paid expansions down the line.

Is this multiplayer?

No, this is going to be a fully singleplayer experience.

Will mac be supported?

There are no plans for mac support.

What aspect ratios will be supported?

16:9, 16:10, 21:9

Will this launch on non-Steam platforms?

There are no plans to launch on non-Steam platforms.

Will this launch on consoles/mobile?

There are no plans to launch on consoles or mobile.

Will controllers/Steam Deck be supported?

There are no plans to support controller.

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