The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation – Official FAQ

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

To which genre does The Pioneers belong?

The Pioneers is a hybrid and innovative game, hard to figure until you play it. It blends elements from RTS (base building and resource management), RPG (crew management, XP, equipment) and adventure games (storyline, exploration).

How is it different from other space sim / colony games?

In many space colony games, gameplay is focused on macro and construction. In The Pioneers, you manage a small number of characters and control their daily life and action. We like to say that we are more of a “Sims-like” game.

Do you plan to add more content?

Sure. Game is currently in Early Access and we’ve prepared a solid roadmap to bring you major and minor updates on a regular basis. Take a look at the release post we’ve published in the news section.

Will there be different maps?

Not immediately. Our priority is to deliver a top-class systemic design feature that is capable of renewing your experience on the first map.

What about all unrealistic / scientifically inaccurate choices you made?

We always have to find the right balance between realism and fun. This is not an easy task as everyone seems to have a very different feeling about this. We tried to make the best decisions, but it can always change during development.

How much will the game cost?

Game is priced €29,90. And we offer a 15% discount to players that buy the game at launch.

It is not a co-op game? Shame.

We are a very small team and we want to build a true enjoyable solo experience before working on a more complex feature like co-op. But this is definitely something we will investigate in the near future.

Why no Xenomorph?

Because we are a bit tired of games that rely on combat. We wanted to achieve something different.

Will you support my language?

We are capable of iterating on three languages: French, English and Spanish. We will investigate different solutions to offer you the possibility to choose between those languages or an automatic translation in yours. But this is something that is highly subject to change depending on how EA is successful or not 🙂

Will the game be available on consoles?

At the moment, we are dedicated to developing a very stable PC game. The Pioneers is already playable on Mac, Linux and Steam Deck but we did not do enough Q/A testing to guarantee the same experience as it runs for PC players. We will look at porting to consoles if the PC version is successful enough to afford it.

Where is the demo?

We decided to delete the demo because it was no longer representative of the current state of the game. There are plenty of videos available on Youtube if you want to check if The Pioneers suits your taste.

How long will you stay in Early Access?

As long as we can afford it. Early Access is the best way in our opinion, to take the time we need to develop the best possible game. With your help, we think we can achieve something huge.

What about mods?

This is really something we would like to offer in the future.

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