The Mortuary Assistant – Official FAQ

Mortuary Assistant FAQ

Will there be VR support?

I agree. I love VR. BUT I would want to do it justice and actually tailor the experience to a VR environment. The last thing I want to do is have the exact same game with some minor VR support. This means, I would need to approach it as almost a new project (not entirely obviously but I would be re-imagining the interaction systems)

So it’s not out of the cards at all but it would be later.

Localization in X language?

Short answer, yes. I have built the game to handle all text from UI to subtitles in a was that makes localization easier.

I am currently in talks with some solutions for future localization and the languages will be decided at a later date. Some languages would get support first depending on demand from that market.

What can I do about crashes?

There are a few instances of crashing and black screens that seem to mostly have the same answers. Here are a few options to try:

  • Update graphics drivers (this is, by far, the most common one)
  • Verify the game files of the MA demo
  • Try the game off of (It’s the same build, so no idea why but it has worked for some)
  • If you have multiple controllers plugged in, try unplugging them (this is more for keybind issues)

If these do not work, please make a post. I am focused on the full version of the game now but I can at least look into it for the release build.

Why aren’t the bodies naked?

Stop it… just stop it. Seriously though, I don’t want to be modeling genitals instead of fashioning fun events. I am aware of the inaccuracy of this choice but since it’s a game that I would like to see reach a larger audience, it makes more sense to stay clothed.

Sound Adjustment?

I have been working on sectioning out different sound events that will be exposed to the player in options allowing them to adjust volume of things like music, voice, sound FX, etc.

Rebecca doesn’t react!

This is well known. I have a system that I have built that uses the same line but in a different delivery from the voice actor after an event has happened recently. I simply have priority with various lines I need from voice actors and this wasn’t pressing for the demo.

I have a specific view of this topic since I believe I want the player to have the reaction to events, not have the game tell you what to feel. So I went for a different approach where Rebecca will sound appropriately upset with lines she delivers shortly after an event but will not react directly to events.

Last thing I want is for something you think isn’t scary at all to happen then have Rebecca grab you by the keyboard and shout about how scary it was.

Aspects of the embalming isn’t accurate

I’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of morticians reach out to me about suggestions and offering help with any questions I might have and it is greatly appreciated!

I am aware of the inaccuracies with the methods I’ve laid out for embalming and they have been done intentionally. The simple answer is that I’m building a game with a specific goal in mind for the player experience. Because of this, I have opted to change or even omit certain parts of the process in order to achieve a certain game play need.

I really want to be grounded in accuracy but my goal is to be grounded enough to be believable for the average player while giving me enough freedom to move the game in the direction I have for it. Thank you to all the professionals that have offered their feedback!

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