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What kind of game is The Hopebringer?

The Hopebringer is a fantasy based top down RPG. The gameplay revolves around procedurally generated scenarios. Players will be able to unlock new scenarios through gameplay. Once a scenario has been unlocked it can be played any time you wish. You can also host co-op adventures in any scenario which you have unlocked.

How Does Multiplayer Work?

Multiplayer is session based, with one scenario per adventure.

Players will be able to host their own co-op adventures, in any scenario which that character has previously unlocked. Other players will be able to join those sessions, and share in the adventure and each will receive a share of the rewards.

What Classes Will Be Available In Early Access?

There will initially be three classes: Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. Each class has three unique skill lines which can be progressed in, and you can mix and match skills within that class.

How many levels will be available?

There will be 100 levels initially. This cap could be raised in the future.

How Does Skill Progression Work?

Every level you will receive 1 new skill point which you can allot to any available skill. Skills are restricted by class, level, and in some case skills will require a previous skill to have been unlocked.

In addition to receiving new skills, you can also upgrade existing ones using your skill points. Upgrading a skill will increase the potency of its effects. You will be able to see the benefits of the upgrades in a tooltip prior to training.

How Do Statistics Work?

Every level you will receive 5 points to distribute to your statistics. There are four primary statistics: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality.

Strength increases melee effectiveness. Dexterity affects your ability to dodge. Intellect increases your power/magic. And vitality increases your health.

In addition to the primary stats, there are many additional derived stats.

Can I gain bonuses against certain types of NPCs

Some abilities and items will grant bonuses vs. specific types of enemies such as Undead or Demons.

How Do Items Work?

Items, similar to dungeon are procedurally generated with random statistics and benefits.

Many items are upgradable using a socketing system.

How do equipment sets work?

If you equip each piece of equipment in a set, you will receive a special bonus unique to that set.

Do you regenerate power automatically?

You do not. Power can however be regenerated in numerous ways. Power potions are a common drop on hostile enemies. Some skills will also grant power or power regeneration. You will also receive a boost to your power any time you kill an enemy.

How Do Quests Work?

Each scenario has a specific quest or goal associated with it. You will receive updates on a tracker on the left hand side of your screen, indicating what you need to do.

You will need to figure out the map, as they are generated. And some are quite large. The NPCs and bosses in a map, are also generated.

Once you have completed a scenario it remains unlocked and you can revisit it at any time, to farm experience, loot, or just for fun.

Completing quests also gives rewards each time, and new scenarios are unlocked through a combination of completing existing scenarios, and other factors such as your level. Meaning some scenarios will be level restricted and unlock later.

How Do You Pick a Scenario?

You can either speak to the Commander in The Hideout map, which appears when you enter into a single player session. Or you can Host or Join a multiplayer session.

When hosting a multiplayer session you can choose any scenario that you have previously unlocked to base that adventure in.

When joining another players session, you will be able to jump into any session they create. Even if you have not yet unlocked that scenario.

How Do I Start or Join a Multiplayer Scenario?

Your character will need to have completed the basic tutorial in order to partake in multiplayer sessions, though that can be done in minutes.

Once you have completed the tutorial your character will be able to host or join multiplayer sessions from the main menu.

Will a scenario always have the same NPCs?

Hostile NPCs will be generated based on the levels of the players, and their group size. This is a dynamic generation, and will be generated when the NPCs spawn, which occurs as players move through the scenario. Meaning if more players join or some players leave during a scenario, the levels of the NPCs could change.

The types of NPCs available are also determined by level. Meaning more powerful NPC types will not be available until later levels.

How Does Movement Work?

Movement is point and click based. Click on a location to move to that location. In addition to this you can use the arrow keys to quickly dodge or roll to a location. That is useful for evading enemy attacks, but it does drain power.

How do Auras Work?

Each character can have one active aura at a time. Auras typically provide some type of a buff to your character, as well as nearby allies. Simply slot an aura onto your action bar to activate it.

How do action bar slots work?

Clicking your mouse button on an empty slot will display a list of abilities that your character can slot into that slot.

If you wish to remove or change the ability in any given slot, you can hold down the Shift key while pressing the left mouse button on that slot.

Does this game support gamepad?

Gamepad is not supported at this time, and there are currently no plans to support it in the future.

Is there a death penalty?

You will lose a small amount of experience upon death. And any gold that you are currently carrying will be dropped onto the ground. You can retrieve that gold by returning to your corpse.

Didn’t this game used to have a behind the character third person view?

The original prototype of the game featured a third person camera, and had a larger storyline focus than we eventually settled on. We are a small team and found that from a behind the back view the animation and cinematic requirements were too large of a burden given our team size. So we narrowed our scope to a top down view, and put the focus on the generated adventures.

Why Early Access?

While we test the game to the best of our ability, we have a small team. We’d like to get the game into the hands of players as early as possible, and begin to collect feedback. This will allow us to make changes to the game before it hits a full release.

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