Tales of Seikyu – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo?

Yes, we will have tests and demos, which will be announced in advance.

Who composed the music?

The music was composed by 秦风 (Qin Feng), who has previously composed music for Genshin Impact.

Can I remap controls?

Yes, you can remap the controls.

Does it support 4K / Ultrawide monitors?

Yes, it supports 4K and Ultrawide monitors.

Does it run at 60 FPS?

Yes, it runs at 60 FPS or even higher.

What engine did you build it in?


Any plans to support Linux / Mac?

Maybe not Linux, but Mac, yes.

Will there be modding support?

Yes, we will try to make that happen.

Does it support controller / keyboard?

Yes, it supports both controller and keyboard.

When will it be released?

It will be released in 2024.

Will there be achievements?


What kind of game is Tales of Seikyu?

Tales of Seikyu is an RPG game where players crossover to the world of Youkai and Monsters and connect with friendly Youkai and Monsters. In the process of exploring this world and their own origins, they uncover the rising secret of ancient gods and discover their true identity.

What is the background and inspiration for Tales of Seikyu?

We drew inspiration from various mythologies and monsters from folktales around the world. This led us to create a world that brings together Monsters, Youkai, and Gods. In Tales of Seikyu, most of the villagers are based on Asian folktales, but you will also encounter monsters from Western stories like vampires or minotaurs. Players can witness how these diverse creatures coexist, form societies, and even establish romantic relationships with them.

Is Tales of Seikyu available for multiplayer or co-op?

Yes, you can visit other players’ worlds and engage in cooperative gameplay, exploring the world and fighting enemies together with your friends.

What can I do in Tales of Seikyu?

In Tales of Seikyu, you can engage in farming, gathering resources, exploring the vast world, solving puzzles, conquering dungeons, and forming connections with your monster friends.

Can I customize my character?

We have not yet finalized the customization options, but we do have plans to allow players to customize their character’s gender.

What platforms will Tales of Seikyu be available on?

Tales of Seikyu will be available on PC for sure, and we are also working on bringing it to consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. If time permits, we would also love to develop a mobile version.

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