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Super Fantasy Kingdom can now be played in English, German, Italian, Russian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese! I was hoping to maybe get there for release, but you wanted to help so much I just had to work on translatability. I am so very thankful to all the community members that helped to make this possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When? How much?

I don’t know! I’ll gather all your feedback and make a plan. I will definitely not rush it.

Who is the developer?

I am a solo developer. Feryaz Beer, 31 from Germany. This is my first gaming related project.

Why this?

I worked as software dev in the tourism industry, but that came to an end with corona. Then I played the genius game Supraland and it just sparked me.

What was the idea?

One key memory is Dwarf Fortress. I had the whole base producing heavy stuff and loading it into mine-carts. Those were propelled and then derailed to crash into incoming enemies, spilling all the goods to hopefully incapacitate the whole wave. Stupid, but it was so fun to see how far you could take it by optimizing the base.

So I thought about all these elements that really captivated me. And I realized that they could reinforce each other.

How was development?

Started almost exactly one year before demo release. I had no big plan, but a very clear vision. Since then there was not a single negative day – only forwards. I think ~1% was cut. I followed my gut instincts and it somehow worked out. No idea how.

And the demo release?

I received the news of getting featured at TactiCon one month prior. But I was still at designing. So I decided to crunch to make it possible. Spend two weeks only on visuals for the trailer. A week for the tutorial, feedback and polish. Then followed a craze between marketing and finishing the game. The relics you get from the boss, a very important part of the loop, were added two days before release. And then I had just one day left for balancing. So this is really not a carefully crafted demo, but just what I could realize on that random day. A tasting. That’s why its so rough.

Relation to Hero’s Hour?

None. We just bought the same art by the very talented Aleksandr Makarov. I have also never played Hero’s Hour. ThingOnItsOwn is a really great guy and was very welcoming to me and this project.


So many. Dwarf Fortress, Settlers, Loop Hero, They Are Billions, Hades, HoMM, Stronghold, and a lot of TD games. While it now seems like Vampire Survivors was a big inspiration that only came in pretty late in development.

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