Sherlock Holmes The Awakened – F.A.Q.

This guide was created to answer the questions that players usually ask. It comprises 3 parts: technical, global gameplay and chapters gameplay questions.

Technical Questions

Q: If the game doesn’t work properly (doesn’t launch, crashes, etc.)

My game crashes at random or certain point

  • Relaunch Steam Application (or reboot your PC).
  • Check if your PC meets minimum configuration requirements.

Q: Steam says the game is already running

I cannot start the game because Steam says it is already running

Please try relaunching your Steam client

General Gameplay Questions

Q: What are the differences between difficulty settings?

Young Detective

It’s difficulty for players who want a balanced experience.

Master of Deduction

It’s difficulty for players who like being challenged and completing games on their maximum, and also fans of investigation games who would like to challenge themselves.


Custom difficulty allows you to adjust the experience to your liking.

Visual difference

FeaturesYoung Detective / Master of DeductionGameplay difference
Investigation Progress NotificationsOn / OffAll notifications are enabled / notifications like “All key evidence are collected” are disabled
Interactivity IconsOn / OffAction icons are enabled / disabled
Interactivity highlightOn / OffOption with highlighting Interactivity Icons is enabled / disabled
Lockpicking skipOn / OffOption with Lockpicking skipping is enabled / disabled
ImaginationNormal / ChallengingIndication about wrong points and wrong figures is enabled / disabled
Mind PalaceNormal / ChallengingRemoving wrong evidences after validation of question is enabled / disabled

The Confront feature

Sometimes the suspects are not yet ready to crack and need more convincing before they will confess. In such cases, you will see a Confront option. Note that once selected, you might not be able to back out. The Confront option opens a special interface, where you have to select the correct evidence for each of the accusation statements. For each question, Sherlock will point to the evidence and the suspect will react to it either positively or negatively. You can only win an if all 3 evidence items were selected correctly. Notice that a list of evidences is random, but one of them will be always a correct for each question.

There are 4 The Confront conversations in the game. Here are the right answers to all of them:

NameAnswer #1Answer #2Answer #3
Roy SolbyKimihia’s abductorSolsby’s calling cardCharacter Portrait: Roy Solsby
BarmanKimihia’s abductorRoy Solsby’s testimonyCharacter Portrait: Barman
HeidiInvestigating the EdelweissGerda’s TestimonyA note from Professor Becker
LucyLove Letter from ArnesonPhoto of Arneson with LucyEngagement ring

Q: I’m travelling from one location to the next and don’t know what to do. How do I know what I’ve missed?

You can always find out what to do next by opening “How to play” menu. Here are several advices which may help to continue your walkthrough:

Casebook. All of the cases Sherlock takes are recorded inside the Casebook. Evidence are crucial for investigation, they contain all the vital information, such as names and adresses. An evidence item can have additional icons above it. It’s a hint about what you can do with it.

Mind Palace. Questions are shown in the Mind Palace. Answer all of Questions to progress to the next chapter. Often you will not have all correct evidence to answer each question, so keep investigating until you do.

Pinned Evidence. Certain investigative actions require pinned evidence. In Concentration mode certain Points of Interest appear when you have the relevant evidence pinned. In Enquiries with passers-by, Sherlock will only ask about the pinned evidence.

Cases Walkthrough Tips

Below there are tips for the most frequently encountered problems. You can also see the video walkthrough for all 8 chapters on Youtube.

Q: I don’t know where to go/what to do after examining Barnes Bookshop

After Barnes escaping, perform a following steps:

  1. Find cactus catalog
  2. Find dead flowers
  3. Look at miss Flemming through the window
  4. Go outside and examine miss Flemming’s flowers
  5. Speak with miss Flemming
  6. Solve Mind Palace question
  7. Go to bookshop and speak with Barnes

Q: I don’t know how to end investigation in Stenwick’s mansion

Perform the following steps:

  1. Speak with Stenwick and policeman;
  2. Go to the yard to investigate the crime scene;
  3. Find the place with footprints and tobacco (near the statue);
  4. Find the cart tracks;
  5. Investigate the back door;
  6. Find the place where somebody fell into the grain, find the telescope;
  7. Find the brazier with opium leftovers;
  8. Find the tube on the other side, footprints underneath;
  9. Speak to Stenwick and reveal the truth to him;
  10. Finish investigation with imagination scene;
  11. Speak to Stenwick and reveal the truth to him
  12. Go outside through the back door and follow the tracks
  13. Find Kimihia cart, sailor’s knot and the wallet

Q: I don’t know where to find a proper warehouse

A marked warehouse is located here:

Q: I can’t pass the guard in Block B

Perform the following steps:

  1. Interact with these items:
  2. – Take syringes that are in the fridge;
  3. – Take the sedative from the Examination Room at the upper floor;
  4. – Click on metal tubes in the Storage Room;
  5. Find the correct answer to the “How to safely remove the Block B guard” question in Mind Palace;
  6. Go to the Storage Room and take the metal tube;
  7. Go to the bars near the guard and click on the interactive point.

Q: I have investigated imagination scene and returned a doll to Gerda. I have the questions in Mind Palace, but I don’t know how to complete it. Also, there are no ions on any evidences in Casebook.

Most likely you missed some evidences on the level. There is a high chance that you didn’t examine a door to reception at the upper floor.

Q: The auction is over, and I don’t know what to do next

Watson wants to change clothes. You have to go to a place, where the chapter has started and interact with clothes placed on a railing.

Q: I don’t know how to end investigation in Arneson’s mansion

Perform the following steps:

  1. Find two wavy green circle on the ground right after entering
  2. Try to open a door with a horse symbol
  3. Find a candle on the ground
  4. Find a candlestick located also on the ground near a table
  5. Find a blood spot near a lying chair
  6. Find the garbage near the fireplace and a wavy green circle on a wooden stand
  7. Examine two bodies
  8. Find the table on the kitchen with cups of tea
  9. Find a photo with hunters on the second floor

Q: What is the code of the safe?

The code is mentioned on the painting. It’s 1862, from the painting of the first hunting.

Q: I can’t complete maze on a boat in swamp

Use a hint from Casebook:

Q: I came to the cave where some ritual is happened, but I don’t know what to do next.

If you have examined all you can, then you need lots of fresh blood. Get it from the dead body of Ashmat. Use the blood on a receptacle and try to pull the lever.

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