POOSTALL Royale – Official FAQ

Welcome to POOSTALL Royale, the best POOSTALL game ever made!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game all about?

  • This is a single-player top town 3D shooter, you know, kinda like HATRED! But yeah, that’s it really, maybe we could add a story to it in the future?

How much does the game cost?

  • It’s a free game, which will remain free and available forever

Will there be any updates?

  • Absolutely! There will be fixes and new additions to the game which will also be free of charge.

Who is RWS C Team?

  • A team of fans of the series who volunteered to make this game a reality in only 1 month. Check the credits in-game for more info!

*Important to note, this game doesn’t take away from the development of the main games like POSTAL 4, this is made by a separate team.

Why are there so many bought assets and so many bugs?

  • This game was made in one month, so shortcuts had to be taken. There might be some plans to replace all bought assets with completely custom ones. The bugs included in the list below are planned to be fixed when possible.

What is the name of the female POSTAL Dude?

  • POSTAL Doe (as in “John/Jane Doe”).


  • At the time of writing… April fools!

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