NieR Replicant – FAQ and Standard Setup

FAQ and standard set up for NieR Replicant!

Pre-Purchase Bonus

Q: Where is the pre-purchase bonus?

A: It’s in game installed folder.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139\


Mini Soundtrack

  • 01 Hills of Radiant Winds (Another Edit Version).mp3
  • 02 Kaine (Another Edit Version).mp3
  • 03 Song of the Ancients (Another Edit Version).mp3

Wallpaper Collection

  • Wallpaper_1.png
  • Wallpaper_2.png
  • Wallpaper_3.png
  • Wallpaper_4.png
  • Wallpaper_5.png
  • Wallpaper_6.png
  • Wallpaper_7.png

Controller Settings

Q: PS5 controller (DualSense) does not work

A: Disable Steam Input as it is supported by built in.

Verified Working

  • Astro C40TR (Steam Input disabled)
  • Hori FPS+ (Steam Input disabled)
  • Logitech GamePad F310 (XInput mode – Steam Input disabled)
  • PlayStation 4 controller DualShock4 (Steam Input disabled)
  • XBox Series X/S controller (Steam Input disabled)
  • XBox One controller (Steam Input disabled)

Note: This is personally verified.

General Controller Settings

  1. Disable Steam Input. It’s faster response and less bugs involved.
  2. If it does not work, try with Steam Input enabled
  3. If newer device is not supported, try Steam Client beta

Graphics Settings

Recommendation Settings

  • 1) FPS on priority.
  • 2) Lower graphics quality to be around 60 fps for 60Hz monitor.
  • 3) If you have high frequency monitor and higher performance graphics card, it’s up to you for balance (fps, resolution, graphics quality)

Q: Can Vsyc to be OFF?

Yes, you can.

There is no Vsync setting in game, but NVidia control panel can disable.

I would recommend only if you are using high frequency monitor (100+Hz).

With 60Hz, screen tearing is very obvious.

Personally I turns off VSync for earing faster response for fighting games. Usually about 40ms different. But I don’t recommend for 60Hz monitor.

Following setting is overwriting for all apps, but you can specify by apps.

Performance and Improvement

Q: How much FPS makes?

  • Case 1: 80-100fps on 1440p with RTX2080Ti – Gen9 i9 (High quality)
  • Case 2: 55-60fps on 1080p with RTX2070 – Gen4 i7 (Low quality)

Language Settings

You can choose Japanese voice and text independently with subtitle options.


Q: What version number means?

A. It’s square root of 1.5

Sound Settings

Automata OST

It was announce that free options for replacing NieR Automata’s OST.

Currently I don’t know how to configure.

So I think after first ending, it will be unlocked.

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