Neptunia Virtual Stars – FAQ


Q: Why are the MVs inverted colors?

A: It’s a Steam release specific improvement. Check memory vault if you want to see the original colors.

Q: Why is my game crashing?

A: You probably angered some vtuber and they thought you were an anti. Try turning off visible accessories and praying.

Q: I can’t save a BeatTik video, it crashes when recording!

A: Close all other programs and pray. Alternatively, use leotard Vert and default Blanc, it worked for everybody I know (sample size of 1).

Q: I’m stuck at 39/40 achievements, help?

A: Go kill any boss or mini-boss in the game, it will give you the last achievement.

Q: How do I make keyboard hotkeys less suffering?

A: You don’t.

Q: The heck is TKMK and what does it do?

A: It (probably) stands for Tokimeki. Higher TKMK stat increases the rate that a CPU fills the Tokimeki Flash circle. 0 TKMK means the circle does not fill. Blue prisms in boss battles will still fill the circle even if you have 0 TKMK.

Q: How do I change my key display to controller/keyboard?

A: The game uses icons for the last controller method you selected to change the key config for.

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