MultiVersus – Official FAQ

I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers by developers on Twitter and the MultiVersus website. These are answered by the Game Director Tony Huynh and Director of Product Veigar Bouius.

Frequently Asked Questions Compilation

Q: When are we going to get more updates?

A: We’re preparing something right now, you’ll likely see it in the next week or two. (Said on Dec, 13, 21)

Q: When will NDA be lifted?

A: When the game goes into early access, no announced date yet.

Q: Will we get villains in MultiVersus?

A: Yes.

Q: Will MultiVersus have Achievements like Trophies on PSN?

A: Yes.

Q: Are Perks pay to win?

A: No. They augment or alter something about your character to match whatever playstyle or strategy you’re going for. Example if you’re looking to play a fast rushdown character you might pick perks that increase your movement speed, recharge your dodge faster and give you improved air control. Some perks change the behavior of characters’ moves.

Q: Does MultiVersus have Tap-Jump option?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you turn Tap-Jump on/off?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the next playtest be for US and Canada?

A: Yes. Maybe more regions.

Q: Will playtest progress carry over?

A: No. We’re still building out a few systems on the back end and whenever we make changes there we need to wipe data since it’s not compatible anymore.

Q: Will we be able to save our friends list from the playtest?

A: The friends list is something we’ve been able to preserve through the back-end changed from playtest to playtest so far. No promises but there’s a good chance you’ll keep all those contacts.

Q: What kind of game is MultiVersus?

A: MultiVersus is an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter videogame. With an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes, MultiVersus will feature multiple online modes, including a team-based 2 vs. 2 format, 1 vs. 1 matches and 4-player free-for-all, along with upcoming content-filled seasons.

Q: Who is developing MultiVersus?

A: Player First Games is developing MultiVersus.

Q: Who is publishing MultiVersus?

A: Warner Bros. Games is publishing MultiVersus.

Q: When does MultiVersus release?

A: MultiVersus is scheduled for worldwide release in 2022.

Q: Do you know if the stamina/energy system will be explained more in def in the tutorial? Or if the team will make any adjustments to how you can build/gain more meter?

A: We’re evaluating this now.

Q: Any chance that secondary characters can end up being playable or no comments? Like Flame Princess or Techmo from Regular Show side characters like that?

A: Yes, although I can’t say more on how just yet.

Q: When making the roster, does the team have a set of rules for who can be accepted or declined for the game, or is anyone from anywhere really possible?

A: We have some high-level goals for the overall roster but anyone from anywhere is possible.

Q: Is the only way to file final feedback about the Technical Test to dig up a survey link from my browser history?

A: You should’ve gotten an email with the link.

Q: Do you guys develop multiple characters at once or one at a time?

A: Multiple in active development but we also iterate on completed characters as we go too. Example Shaggy got an entirely new move for this tech test vs our previous test. In fact a lot of the characters you see in our trailers or played with in the tech test this weekend are going to be improved in many ways by the time we ♥♥♥ but there’s still a lot of work that happens after that and we never fully stop iterating on a character.

Q: How long does each character take to make?

A: That’s kind of hard to evaluate. We get them playable in the game pretty quickly in a pretty rough state to start play testing and finding the right feel. (2-3 weeks) The 2-4 week ballpark is a very game design centric view of the process. There’s a lot of crucial work to happen before and after that.

Q: Will we get more regions in the next test?

A: More regions are coming.

Q: Trailer soon for those who couldn’t play?

A: Stay tuned. (Said on Dec, 13, 21)

Q: Why can’t I play it on Playstation?

A: You will soon. This test was just focused on PC to validate some non-platform specific things like gameplay.

Q: Why wasn’t my controller pairing?

A: We had some issues with Steam overriding controller/gamepad settings.

Q: What about Xbox controllers or controllers that have native Xinput? Did they had trouble using them?

A: There were unfortunately some people that had issues with various controllers due to the Steam issue. I personally use an Xbox controller and haven’t had any issues.

Q: We’re 3rd party controllers having issues?

A: It was a Steam thing, not necessarily a specific type of controller issue.

Q: Are second and third party characters possible?

A: Yes, anything is possible. There’s a reason we didn’t name the game WB Brawlers.

Q: Is stage variety a goal for launch? some w/ hazards some w/o, some legal for comp/ranked others for normal casual play, large, small medium sized stages, etc?

A: The discrepancy between the total number of stages and the number of competitive stages in other fighting games has always felt like a missed opportunity to us. We’re aiming to build as much variety into our stage list as possible while also keeping them within bounds of “competitively viable”.

Q: Can we train in the lab while searching for a match in the future? Similar to other fighters like Smash, Brawhalla and SFV?

A: I can’t 100% confirm that will be enabled in the future but we’ve had it in previous builds and are evaluating the experience of enabling it for future ones. One thing we run into outside of the engineering/maintenance cost of that feature is that our matchmaking times are so low that you don’t end up doing much more than loading into the training level and hitting the dummy once or twice before a match starts.

Q: What platforms will MultiVersus be available on?

A: MultiVersus will be available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, PlayStation4 and PC via Steam.

Q: Which PC platforms will MultiVersus be available on?

A: MultiVersus will be available on PC via Steam.

Q: Will MultiVersus have cross-play and cross-progression?

A: Yes, MultiVersus will have full cross-play and cross-progression support across all launch platforms.

Q: Which characters will be available in MultiVersus?

A: MultiVersus will feature a variety of fighters and personalities to team up with or compete against, along with an all-star cast of talent lending their voices to the game, including:

  • Batman (DC Super Hero) – voiced by Kevin Conroy
  • Superman (DC Super Hero) – voiced by George Newbern
  • Wonder Woman (DC Super Hero) – voiced by Abby Trott
  • Harley Quinn (DC Super-Villain) – voiced by Tara Strong
  • Shaggy (Scooby-Doo) – voiced by Matthew Lillard
  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) – voiced by Eric Bauza
  • Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) – voiced by Maisie Williams
  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) – voiced by John DiMaggio
  • Finn the Human (Adventure Time) – voiced by Jeremy Shada
  • Steven Universe (Steven Universe) – voiced by Daniel DiVenere
  • Garnet (Steven Universe) – voiced by Estelle
  • Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry) – tandem character voiced by Eric Bauza
  • Reindog (an extraordinary original creature) – voiced by Andrew Frankel

Q: Dose the game have a ranked mode?

A: Yes we are planning on a ranked mode.

Q: Hey Tony can I ask you a question would multiverse have a story mode or adventure mode.

A: Hi, we’re not prepared to reveal yet. Thanks for the question!

Q: Did you have a ballpark of how many characters would be released at launch? Also, was there an end goal you’d like to reach?

A: For the foreseeable future, we’ll make as many we can while maintaining uniqueness and authenticity. I don’t think there should be a limit as long as we maintain quality.

Q: Will there be more characters added to MultiVersus?

A: Yes, many more characters will be continually added to MultiVersus. The game will also have upcoming content-filled seasons for players to enjoy.

Q: What type of modes will MultiVersus have?

A: MultiVersus will introduce a team-based 2 vs. 2 format with a strong emphasis on online cooperative gameplay. The game will also include 1 vs. 1 matches and a 4-player free-for-all mode where only one fighter can come out on top. As the worldwide release approaches, more modes will be revealed as part of the game’s on-going content updates.

Q: Will MultiVersus have rollback netcode?

A: Yes, MultiVersus will have dedicated server-based rollback netcode to support online gameplay.

Q: How much will MultiVersus cost?

A: MultiVersus is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases.

Q: Will skins affect gameplay?

A: Skins are not going to confer any gameplay benefit, which means they will have the same hitboxes, physics, etc..

Q: Wonder Woman is a tank?

A: Just wait till you see what she’s able to do.

Q: What will the PC specs for MultiVersus be?

A: We haven’t nailed these down yet but our goal is that people shouldn’t need to buy a new computer or graphics card to enjoy it.

Q: What kind of platform fighting game can we play while waiting for MutliVersus?

A: Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, Nick All Star Brawl, Rivals of Aether, a lot of great options to check out.

Q: Will we have duo specials like in Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion?

A: We already have a number of teammate interactions in the game, can’t speak to specifics yet.

Q: What gave you guys the idea to start MultiVersus?

A: We all really love the genre and think there are gameplay elements that weren’t being explored yet as well as things that just weren’t being supported to the level that we (and we’re assuming others) would want.

Q: So you guys will try new things?

A: Yeah. 2v2 teamplay, deeper gameplay mechanics, free to play model, cross platform, and high quality online play were some of the things we felt just needed to happen in the space.

Q: Are characters that transform to fight hard to implement in the game, such as characters like Beast Boy?

A: Yeah transformations are the hard part because each transformation needs to be concepted, modeled, animated, etc…

Q: Would it be easier if you minimize the transformations they turn into?

A: Technically we could do that but our goal with any character we make is to 110% fulfill the fantasy, and not delivering on all the transformations would feel like a partial experience.

Q: Can you reveal whether #Multiversus will feature a tutorial mode, guiding players through all the game’s mechanics? And if there is, will it also feature some more indepth information for competitively minded people?

A: There’s a tutorial that covers basics and advanced mechanics. We will continue to improve it over time.

Q: So about the customization, like for the characters and your profile, like Announcer, Ringouts ect, what can we expect to see? If I may ask?

A: We have a number of things that are customizable, that we will continue to add to over time. We’re not ready to cover them all at this time though. Thanks for the question!

Q: I was just wondering: regarding voice acting, were you able to get certain celebrities, like Ian McKellen or Keanu Reeves (just for examples), to reprise their certain roles?

A: We will try to get the most authentic performances for each of our characters. Sometimes, it’s not possible due to logistics to get the original actors, but in every case we will pursue what we think players will be delighted with. @Maisie_Williams as Arya as an example.

Q: Can Marvel, Anime & Other Characters come get into the roster that are not own by Warner Bros or is the roster only going to be Warner Bros Characters?

A: We want anything to be possible.

Q: Do you guys have an idea of how many testing phases you are going to go through (e.g. 1 more alpha tech test, 2 closed betas, etc.), or are you guys playing it by ear and going off feed back?

A: We’re playing it by ear. Important thing is for us to learn and fix and try again. We’ll keep getting closer.

Q: Will there be new costumes or outfits or skins in future updates for the game when it releases or are we only going to have three costumes only. I was just carious.

A: Yes, they’ll be more. We’re also open to new ideas for what everyone would like to see.

Q: Do 3rd party characters (non Warner bros) have a chance of showing up in multiversus?

A: We want anything to be possible.

Q: Will the game have a story mode?

A: We’re not prepared to reveal yet. Thanks for the question!

Q: Do ya’ll have ideas on how Esports will be played out? will it be base on rank leaderboards? sign ups first come first serve? being a certain rank in game to compete?

A: We’re still working out the details.

Q: Can we expect full breakdowns of each character’s moveset as more info on the game is revealed?

A: Yes, we’ll go into more details. The characters are still being refined so the mechanics are likely still to be changed and tweaked.

Q: When will the next tech tests be And will they be on consoles?. If they are will cross-progression be on it?

A: We’re gathering and addressing feedback from the tech test. Once we do that we will start another test. We will have consoles and cross-play/progression in a future test.

Q: Will the tutorial be skippable?

A: Yes, we don’t force players to do the tutorial.

Q: Is there a South East Asia server? I just saw that pre-test playing doesn’t have a south east asia so I worry a bit.

A: We haven’t revealed territories yet, but our goal is for every player everywhere to enjoy the game.

Q: Wouldn’t it be a great deal if some company like @McFarlaneToys1 and @SpinMaster released Multiversus action figures?

A: If players really want this we will consider it.

Q: Will there be playtests on console by the end of the year?

A: Not sure about timing on next test, we have to make sure we gather all the learnings from this test, and address them and that will determine when the next one will be.

Q: Can you change your controls? (rebind buttons/keys)

A: Yes. You can change controls in settings.

Q: Is MultiVersus going to be on switch anytime soon?

A: Unfortunately we are limited by dev resources so we had to make the difficult decision to not launch on the Switch. You pick one character and we have ffa, 1v1, 2v2 modes currently with more to be added. Supports can hold their own in 1v1.

Q: Will there be an option to turn the voices off/volume down?

A: Yes, Dialogue volume can be independently adjusted.

Q: Can I share or sell my playtest codes?

A: Sharing or selling codes is against the rules.

Q: Multiversus will be available on macs?

A: Unfortunately, it will not be at launch. We have limited resources, so we had to make the hard decision to not support macs at launch.

Q: Is it possible that some stages may be included from franchises that don’t necessarily also have character representation?

A: Yes!

Q: Is it possible Red vs Blue joining MultiVersus? As RoosterTeeth is owned by Warner but the RvB cast are kinda Halo Characters?

A: I think it would be harder than other characters, but you never know.

Q: I got a question on blocking people in game. Will this also stop from being able to q wit them randomly & go against them or will it just be a they can’t add u/ text u feature?

A: Currently it blocks both queue and communication. Do you think it should only be communicating?

Q: One aspect of Multiversus I’m really excited for is the custom announcers, do you think we’d ever get announcers for characters that aren’t fighters themselves? (For example a Steven Universe Announcer pack with Pearl, Amethyst, Peridot etc.)?

A: We can definitely consider it. If there’s a lot of interest we’ll try to make it happen.

Q: Do we need to register again to the next playtest?

A: If you’ve already registered you should be good.

Q: Will past playtesters still be invited?

A: If you’ve already registered you won’t have to do anything else.

Q: In the trailer at 0:26 next to Batman’s name it says recommended does that mean Batman is good for beginner players or if you play Batman you’ll get better rewards?

A: Thanks for the question. It means recommended for newer players, so theoretically easier for newer players to use and learn.

Q: We’ve seen many different Warner Bros categories represented, from DC to CN to HBO, but are Turner Classic Movies eligible to be in game? I’d love to see Sheriff John Chance from Rio Bravo make it in.

A: Every Character will have some approvals process, but Turner classics should be feasible.

Q: I hope you’re having a great holiday season, I was just wondering if there is there anything to be looking forward to in the multiversus world in the coming days?

A: Hi thanks for the question. We’re heads down and focusing on addressing feedback and new content/features. So we’ll have to see, it likely won’t be anything big if there is something in the short-term.

Q: Will the main ranked mode have friendly fire on or off?

A: We’re not prepared to reveal yet.

Q: I have two more questions is there going to be super moves in MultiVersus similar to Final Smashes in Smash Bros and is there going to be more character reveals before the game released?

A: Hi, we’re not prepared to reveal this yet. Thanks for the question!

Q: Are Tiny Tunes an option?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there going to be Character Showcases for @multiversus for how all the Characters Movesets Works & I still hoping that this game will come on the Switch?

A: Yes we are planning on doing some character showcases. We’re a smaller team so we had to make some hard decisions about where we use our resources, but I’m hoping we’re eventually able to bring the game to Switch.

Q: When is the Release Date of MultiVersus when will the DLC character be reveal?

A: We’re not sure yet. We’re still learning a lot, and feel we’re not there yet as we want to put out something that we think players will love. Thanks for the question.

Q: I would like to ask a question, the DLCS that you have seen, will they be paid? or will there be a way to get the new “characters” just by playing?.

A: You’ll be able to get characters by just playing.

Q: Can we expect any news or playtest this month? (Jan, 12, 2022)

A: Maybe it’ll depend on how development goes.

Q: @Tony_Huynh I got two questions, First will there be a way for players to progress or earn rewards in the game offline in MultiVersus? Second who is your favorite character in Multiversus?

A: Not ready to answer the first one, but I currently main Shaggy.

Q: Something I haven’t seen many people talk about when it comes to #Multiversus is music. Will the game feature wellknown tracks from WB franchises or will the soundtrack be completely made from scratch for the game?

A: It will have new pieces as well as remixed versions of the original known tracks. Hope you’ll like the soundtrack, a lot of love got put into it.

Q: @Tony_Huynh Is there going be Super Moves in @multiversus similar to Final Smashes in Smash Bros?

A: Hi thanks for the question, but we’re not prepared to reveal yet.

Q: Will you guys create new cosmetics once you’ve used up official ones?

A: It’s pretty hard to use up all the official ones, but yes we want to do some really awesome original cosmetics that players will love too.

Q: Will the game be 8 players for like a huge ffa or sticking to 4 players?

A: It’s possible for us to go to 8 players, but we’ll have to see.

Q: Will there be like a private lobby just to verse our group of friends?

A: Yes, you can make your own custom games.

Q: Have y’all decided the servers mvs will have & will there be a ping limit like no matter how close you are to the server the best ping you can get is like 10-20?

A: We haven’t fully decided yet, this is also something that will continuously change as we make things better over time.

Q: Regarding voice actors and their lines for the characters, are they interested from different episodes? Or are the lines freshly recorded, as in, brand new?

A: Hi thanks for the question. Lines are newly recorded!

Q: You once confirmed that villains are coming to the game, right? But how are they gonna come in to play? Are the villains gonna be playable? Or just boss fights? Or possibly both?

A: Villains are coming. That’s all I can say for now. Thanks for the questions!

Q: Hi! @Tony_Huynh this is more of a question for you. what is the character you want in most in @multiversus. for me I want iron Giant!

A: I want a lot of characters, I can’t play favorites haha. Iron Giant would be cool though.

Q: Are There Going To Be 3rd Parties like Mario for Switch Edition if Switch Version is made? & Also are Echo (Clone) Fighters like example (Daffy & or Plucky Duck reference) if Playable for Example?

A: We want anything to be possible from a character standpoint. For echo fighters, we have a different approach.

Q: Will specific skins like say, a Bizarro skin for Superman, have different VAs and lines?

A: Yes certain ones will.

Q: If character alts don’t appear for a character on launch will they eventually be added like if Finn doesn’t have an alt for fern on launch will he eventually be added?

A: Yes, we’ll continuously add new cosmetics to the game.

Q: Any plans or thoughts on having twitch prime rewards & a partnership program for mvs?

A: We should have something. We plan to make it better over time. DM me some suggestions of what you want to see.

Q: Will Multiversus be shown at E3 2022, or The Game Awards 2022? (if the game awards is happening this year.) thanks.

A: I really don’t know, we haven’t finalized anything yet. The dev team is heads-down working on the game.

Q: Will there be Assist Characters in the game?

A: Thanks for the question, we’re not prepared to answer that one yet, but it’s a great suggestion.

Q: Another Question is Are Tiny Toons like Buster Bunny & Plucky Duck going to be Playable in Multiversus? & Loonatics Unleashed to?

A: Every character requires some approvals and some are easier to include than others. But, nothing stops us from asking.

Q: I was wondering about your approach to adding characters throughout time, will there be seasons with their own Battle Passes and they’ll be like 2 new fighters every season? And what’s the max amount of characters planned?

A: I think our approach is for the foreseeable future is we’ll add as many characters as quickly as our dev team possibly can with the limit being that each character must feel very unique and authentic to their source.

Q: Just to clarify, “No stages are independent from characters.” Or “No, stages are independent from characters” ?

A: Stages are independent from the characters. Sorry missed a comma there.

Q: Are there gonna be Stage Hazards for Multiversus? If so is there an option to turn them off? 2: Are there gonna be movie tie-in skins with different voices for characters? Like a ‘The Batman’ skin for Batman for example?

A: If players want those options we’ll give it to them, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Q: Hey I’ve been wondering about this Implement in @Multiversus will players be able to configure their controls sorta like a dead zone and buttons cool stuff like that?

A: Yes, we have many options, and will be continuing to add more.

Q: Do you guys have a ranking system implemented already? Will it be the normal bronze to diamond or will you have your own ranking system?

A: Thanks for the question, but we’re still working out the details.

Q: I’d like to know what are the top 2 games that influenced the development of #Multiversus the most?

A: That’s an interesting question. I’m a combat designer because of Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. I basically play and go deep on most fighting games though. Melee was certainly important.

Q: I have a quick question: Will the game have a story mode? Or is it something that’ll come later down the line?

A: We’re not prepared to talk about this yet. Thanks for the question!

Q: I have a question, do you already have an approximate date of which month the game will be released??

A: We’re still working and learning. The tests are to give us confidence we’re making something that players will enjoy. Once we feel ready we’ll release, but for now I don’t know. Thanks for the question.

Q: Wanted to know, do you guys have a ranking system implemented already? Will it be the normal bronze to diamond or will you have your own ranking system?

A: Thanks for the question, but we’re still working out the details.

Q: Will yall be doing any more original characters like reindog?

A: It’s possible, but we’ll see.

Q: How does the game incorporate real world money? I heard that you said that characters would be obtainable through gameplay, but I also know that games have to be profitable to continue on.

A: Cosmetics, of which we have some really awesome stuff, are unlocked through real currency. Anything that affects gameplay can be earned just by playing.

Q: I was wondering if you were going to do what fortnite does where if you buy the Battle Pass once you earn the paid currency from tiers in the BP and are able to use that to get the next one. So basically you only need to pay for the BP once and the rest you earn.

A: It’s a very player friendly approach which I appreciate, but we’ll have to see.

Q: Hi Tony I don’t know if it’s okay if I asked a second question but I am a boy with limited recorsis just like player first games so how much will the battle pass cost cuz I need to know how much money do I have Provide for multiversus battle pass

A: We haven’t worked out the specifics yet, but you’ll be able to play the game without having to purchase the battlepass. Thanks for the question!

Q: Once the game is live do ya’ll plan to release patch notes/balance updates on the multiversus website and video presentations for content updates?

A: We’ll be sure to communicate notes/balance updates somehow. Not sure the best/all the formats yet though.

Q: Hey @Tony_Huynh was wondering how are you going to deal with dlc revealement will you just post it out or will there be like small video showing off there reveal?

A: There will be something, but we haven’t figured out what yet. Thanks for the question!

Q: Hello @Tony_Huynh will there be an option for local multiplayer?

A: We’ll be working on this feature, I don’t know what the timeline might be. We’re focused on online currently, I know this feature is important to players and we do plan on supporting this at some point when dev resources are more available. Thanks!

Q: So when the game releases, you can’t play offline with your friends?

A:We’re going to try to see if we get it in prior to the game release.

Q: Hello! I am pretty excited to see the new game! I have a question, Does the game have data sharing between different devices?

A: I’m not sure what you mean, but if you mean cross-progression between platforms. It does.

Q: I’m sorry but I had to ask this. Will Multiversus have localization payment options?

A: I’m pretty sure answer is yes. Will double check though.

Q: Hey @Tony_Huynh we will receive a exclusive skin or something for playing the beta?

A: We will try to do something to reward the players for testing.

Q: I have a question for you. Will we get console play tests for multiversus? Thanks

A: Yes, we’ll be testing on console at some point.

Q: If Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme never existed, would you still put Shaggy in Multiversus or not?

A: Probably, he would play very differently.

Q: Would I be able to purchase the cosmetics with real currency with a steam card?

A: I’m not sure, probably? I’ll follow up when I find out.

Q: When Are getting an Update on the Game? & also is anything that annoys you or you don’t like about Twitter that you want to be Changed?

A: We’re heads-down working on improvements and balance changes. When we feel we’re in a good spot we’ll announce another update and test. I’m not sure about Twitter, I like it well enough. I’m sure there’s painpoints, but I’d have to sit down and think about it.

Q: I know you’re probably answering a lot of questions about Multiversus , have one question to ask in regards to customization with the roster of characters, will there be some chance we can have some way of customizing any character in the roster on how they look?

A: Yes, there will be a lot of cosmetic options to customize your play experience with. Thanks for the question!

Q: In this regard are you considering some self costumizable fighters … like a personal avatar with clothes or itens from non-represented characters … Like a mii fighters on smash?? This way you could throw in some references for some characters that won’t make it as fighters.

A: Personal avatars are a good idea, but for the near future we’re focused on other features/content. Thanks for the question.

Q: Here’s a question you might not get much, will there be some type of creative mode to make maps and/or any other kind of content for the game?

A: Hi thanks for the question, we’ll have to see. Since we’re a service game, we can get to this feature over time, if enough players want it.

Q: Will any Ips from the WARNER Brothers Japan be able to be in the game?

A: We’ll have to see. Thanks for the question!

Q: Wassup @Tony_Huynh, was wondering if we could be expecting characters from live action shows like Sam and Dean from Supernatural in #multiversus ?

A: I hope so, but we’ll see.

Q: Any new trailer plans in the work yet for multiversus?

A: Yes!

Q: Can we get voice dubbing in multiversus and does Japanese and Arabic included

A: Hi thanks for the question, we’ll add more voice and subtitles to more languages over time.

Q: Hi Tony i have a question is there gonna be a tutorial if so will we be able to choose one of every class to practice with?

A: There’s a basic and advanced mechanics tutorial currently. We might have individual character tutorials later, but we’re unsure how maintainable it is.

Q: If scooby is an announcer option and your playing shaggy, will scooby trash talk the opponent cause him and shaggy are friends? Same with characters like Jake and finn.

A: We can add some lines in our context VO system.

Q: Can their be different voice actors for the same character for example having both Kevin Conroy and Robert Pattinson voicing Batman?

A: We could do something like this.

Q: Will players be able to make their own custom stages like super smash bros ultimate if so this could make for some cool variety in stages and let players express themselves

A: Maybe not right away at launch, but if enough players want this feature we can put this on our roadmap features list.

Q: Excuse me, but are we going to see any news anytime soon?

A: We’re heads down working on the game. Hopefully soonish.

Q: Heh tony quick question are pwop who have multiverses on other different consoles still able to play together

A: Yes, Multiversus has cross-play

Q: Is there going to be a gameplay showcase of @multiversus is kind like a brief introduction of how the game plays?

A: Yes we’ll do some gameplay breakdowns at some point.

Q: I want to make a few character requests

Well they are: Sheldon Cooper, Neo, Pearl, Emmet, Godzilla, Ben 10, Sailor Moon, Mordecai, Rigby, Ahsoka Tano, and Sonic.

How likely would it be to see any of those characters in the multiversus?, especially sailor moon, ahsoka, or sonic.

A: Every character has its own challenges. But we’ll see.

Q: Could the game possibly support that, maybe an unlimit fps cap, and 4k resolution?

A: Yes, @multiversus can be played at 4k resolution and looks great at 4k. The game is currently locked to 60fps, but we may relook at this in the future if a lot of players are asking for this feature.

Q: I don’t know if anybody has asked this already, but I was wondering if there will be a recording feature for #Multiversus. (Kind of like saving replays in smash.)

A: Hi thanks for the question, we plan on supporting this, but are still looking at options on the best way to do this.

Q: Hey Tony, if you ever include the Warner siblings and Pinky & The Brain from Animaniacs in MultiVersus, will you use the original art style, or the reboot art style?

A: I’m not sure. What’s your preference?

Q: I have a question will some characters have inputs like if we get a fighting game character will they have inputs from their own game?? Or will there be characters that have their own unique play style? Like a passive that’s unique to that character??

A: We’ll try to be authentic to the characters, but we want to make sure things work with our gameplay. So we’ll see. Thanks for the question!

Q: Are there any plans for a trailer in the works or a gameplay showcase?

A: Yes to both, the team is heads down working on the game currently, but we plan on having both of those things.

Q: When selecting a character on the character select screen in Multiversus, will they say some sort of catchphrase or will an announcer call out their name or is anything else along these lines planned for the game? Have a great day!

A: Yes, thanks for the question!

Q: I have a question if u announced DLC characters will there be a animation trailer like how smash did but in like a hole different way?

A: We plan to do something when announcing, but not sure what or how quite yet.

Q: Will there be a training mode? if so will it have important options like recording actions for cpus to perform?

A: Yes there is. You can currently set up the ai to a lot of different pre-sets. Record and playback is planned, but not currently implemented.

Q: Hi tony, I have a question if there is a currency in the game we’re going to be able to get the currency of the game doing something similar like challenges, playing like “free” or we can only earn it paying.

A: You can get currency by playing and by doing missions.

Q: Will there be more characters added to multiversus? If so, will they be obtainable through real life currency or just by playing? Thank you.

A: Hi, yes there will be new characters added and they will be obtainable by just playing.

Q: Hey you said there would be another test soon for console would I need to sign up again or am I good to go

A: If you were in the previous test you’ll be good. If you’ve already registered, but weren’t selected for the last test, there will be an email sent to you to register for the console test if you are selected for the next one.

Q: How does the game incorporate real world money? I heard that you said that characters would be obtainable through gameplay, but I also know that games have to be profitable to continue on lol.

A: We have a battlepass and cosmetics that can be purchased with character skins and ringouts, etc… thanks for the question!

Q: I have a question to ask if that’s alright? I’m curious, out of the 13 characters we know of so far coming to the game, which character was the hardest to implement?

A: Every character was hard, but I really wanted to get Batman right because he’s such an important character to me growing up. So he was the one I was the most stressed over, but after a lot of trials one day he clicked and I think his kit works pretty well

Q: Who was the funnest to work on/design?

A: Hard to pick, but I think the work done by our designer/animator Daniel Kraft on Tom and Jerry is pretty insane.

Q: I have a question, will there be a jake alien skin?

A: Maybe?

Q: Can we expect dialogue based on who’s fighting against/with each other in a match like if Batman fights Superman would there be a comment addressing how many times they’ve fought

A: Yes

Q: How many new characters will be added before launch?

A: Sorry I can’t answer that

Q: To clarify, every unlockable character is gonna be free? I got some peeps in a DC server who don’t believe me.

A: Yes, they can be unlocked just by playing.

Q: I have a question so the game will have emotes right? So when it comes down to emotes will it have emotes in the game kinda similar too Fortnite to where you can dab and do different dances and stuff like that? As crazy as that might sound for some characters

A: Yep, I hope we can go crazy with emotes, I think there already are some reall

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