Mist Legacy – Monetization FAQ

Early Access Monetization FAQ

What is your model?

  • The game is free to play with a game currency.

What can I buy then?

  • Packages of Blue Crowns!
  • Starting price at 5 US bucks.

What happens when I purchase any of the packages?

  • The Chimeric Mirror is activated, allowing you to create a unique character style.
  • The Player Trade is unlocked, allowing you to skip the public market.
  • Your Blue Crowns fees are waived at the Public Market.
  • Those are permanent!

So, what can I do with my Blue Crowns?

  • Add pages to your Talents Book so you can equip more talents.
  • Increase the power of your Mists Orb so you can bring more companions with you.
  • Improve your Foghouse to add storage space to your domain coffer.
  • Drink a Lamden Infusion that will make you gather faster for some time.
  • Blow a Mount Horn that will allow you to run at will for some time.
  • Throw the Androxis Dice to turn the odds in your favor for some time.
  • Use a Mist Bait to increase your field of view, for some time.
  • Purchase a Blue Chest to trade Blue Crowns at the market.
  • Drink a Phoenix Elixir that will heal your team, but not resurrect them.
  • Eat a Tonic Biscuit that will restore your team energy.
  • Repair an item that was crafted by you or another Mistwalker.

What about special events?

  • Event can offer unique deals , mascots or character frames.
  • Buy any package anytime during a promotion and get them!
  • You can get the offer only once.

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