Marauders – Official FAQ (Alpha)

Marauders Alpha FAQ

What is Marauders?

  • Marauders is a hardcore PvPvE looter shooter set in a dystopian sci-fi universe. Players can become a space pirate and work solo, or in a squad of up to 4, as they navigate a hostile battleground, engage in intense combat encounters with other teams and AI opponents for invaluable loot, craft new weapons and gear, and salvage what they’ll need to survive. 

Will pre-1900s guns/weaponry be present in the game?

  • Not at the moment. The earliest era weapons found in the game are from 1911.

Is the game PvP?

  • Marauders has been designed from the ground up as a PvPvE experience. You can encounter both other players and AI opponents while exploring deep space in your ship, and on foot at raid locations.

Which anti-cheat system will the game use?

  • Marauders will use Easy Anti-Cheat.

Can Steam players play with Game Pass players?

  • Not at the moment but this is something we’re considering.

Are there any plans to release on Google Stadia?

  • There are no plans to launch Marauders on Google Stadia at present.

Is there a console release planned?

  • We’re focused on a PC release for now via Steam Early Access and Game Preview for PC Game Pass.

Will there be controller support?

  • Yes, we are currently working on gamepad integration and will have more to share soon.

Which languages will be supported?

  • Marauders will feature full English audio and UI as well as text localisation for Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian, French, German, Korean, and Russian.

Are there any plans to support additional languages?

  • This is something we will assess following the closed PC alpha and beta tests.

Can I customise my character?

  • Yes, Marauders features an array of customisation options for players – from breathing apparatus to weapons, clothing, apparel colours and more.

Can I customise my ship?

  • Yes, players can customise their ship’s weapons and appearance.

Can I switch off PvP?

  • Marauders has been designed as a PvPvE experience. There are currently no plans to remove PvP encounters from the game.

How can I pre-order the game?

  • Marauders can be pre-ordered now by visiting

Will my pre-order allow me to play the alpha and beta tests as well as the final game?

  • Yes, the key you receive for your pre-order will grant access to the Marauders closed PC alpha, closed PC beta and the full game at launch.

I’ve pre-ordered the game, when will I receive my Steam key?

  • Your Steam key will arrive in your email inbox shortly after you place your pre-order. Before finalising your purchase, please ensure your email is correct and check your spam filters on your email. If you don’t receive your key, please reach out to Xsolla.

The pre-order button doesn’t work, what I can do?

  • If you’re having trouble pre-ordering, please try clearing the cache on your browser and contact Xsolla if the problem persists.

Why can’t I pre-order on Steam?

  • Due to Marauders being an early access title, pre-orders aren’t available on Steam. Players can head to to place their pre-order.

What is the refund policy for Marauders?

  • If you aren’t happy with your purchase, please email: Xsolla. Refunds will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Is the Space Pirate Pack only available if I pre-order, or will it be available at Early Access launch?

  • The Space Pirate cosmetic pack will only be available to those players pre-ordering Marauders.

How does the Early Access work?

  • Marauders will be launching into Steam Early Access and Game Preview via PC Game pass later this year. Prior to Early Access launch, if you have pre-ordered the game, you can check out the closed Alpha and Beta tests using your product key during specific dates we will announce. Once Marauders launches into Early Access, the development team will continue implementing features and content in the lead up to full launch.

When will the Beta test take place?

  • The Marauders closed PC Beta will take place later this year. Stay tuned for more information!
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