Mail Time – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mail Time?

  • Mail Time is a cottagecore adventure game about delivering mail to forest animals!


  • Explore the Grumblewood Grove any way you like – Choose your own path to follow and see where it leads you!
  • Deliver letters for the animals you meet along the way – They might be able to help you as well!
  • Glide around with the letters – You might be able to find hidden treasure!
  • Customize your character – Play as your very own Mail Scout!
  • Play at your own pace – Stress-free accessible gameplay with no time pressure.


Take on the role of a fresh-on-the-job Mail Scout on track to complete your very first mail delivery! You’ve been tasked with a letter to ‘Greg’ but the only thing you know is that he lives somewhere in Grumblewood Grove. Glide, jump and talk your way through the Grove on your way to deliver the letter.

All you have to figure out where exactly this Greg lives and hand him the letter, no biggie!

What platforms is Mail Time on?

  • Currently it is just on Steam & Epic Games Store. It will be releasing on Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4/5 sometime soon!

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