Lost Eidolons – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to make turn-based tactical RPG?

  • Because we love the genre so much! We are huge fans of turn-based tactical RPGs!

Price of the Full Game?

  • 34.99 USD, 34.99 EUR, and Regional Pricing Applies.

Is it Official Release?

  • Yes, game is considered complete! But we are going to continuously work on Quality of Life improvements based on the feedback.

Any Plans for DLC?

  • Yes, we have many different plans for DLCs (but contingent on reviews and sales figures) Also, we are planning QoL updates and potential new game mode updates.

Content Volume?

  • 27 Chapters, with fully voice acted cutscenes, different difficulty levels, camp actions between combats where you can move around and prepare your next combat. It will take minimum 30+ hours if you only focus on clearing battles.

Does Choices Matter?

  • The story is linear, but based on your choice the ending can be different – also, there are so many choices you will need to make for each battle.

Is there Romancing Options?

  • Yes, but it is not at the level of Fire Emblem series.

Does game have permadeath?

  • Yes!

Do you have plans for more languages?

  • Yes! We cannot add more language at launch but we do have plans to add more languages based on the needs coming from the community.

Is the game verified for Steam Deck?

  • Not yet, we have plan to optimize the game and get Steam Deck verified but we cannot guarantee the timing of the work yet.

Will you be able to romance companions in your mercenary group?

  • We do have “light” romancing options.

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