Infinitum: The Backrooms Story – Official FAQ

My name is Faur “Sabito” Adrian Darius and I am the solo developer of Infinitum. My goal with this game is to make the best backrooms game on the market. This project was started in early January 2023 and is my first project with no prior game development experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Infinitum be free and when is the release date?

Infinitum will cost somewhere around 5 euros, but there will be a free multiplayer demo available around August. Both the demo and the full release will be available on Steam. Full version is planned for early 2024.

What levels will be inside the demo?

The demo will have at least 5 levels: Level 0, Level 37, Level 2, Level 974 and one more surprise level no one will know know about it until it’s fully released.

What are the unique things about Infinitum that sets it apart from the other backrooms games?

What sets apart Infinitum from the other backrooms games are the following features:

  1. The game is infinite and open world.
  2. The game has an interesting story where you don’t just wake up in the backrooms, you are part of a research team and how you get there will be shown in the game start cutscenes.
  3. Multiplayer in this game acts like this: You and your friends will spawn in a level, you will be able to split to find items, but when one of you find an exit, there will be a pop-up appearing to everyone asking if they want to travel.
  4. Infinitum is a survival game(you will have to eat and drink).
  5. Infinitum will be a story game with multiple endings.

Can I play the game early?

Yes, patrons can play the game early and I update the game for patrons every sunday, so there’s new content every week.

Does the Pre Alpha have multiplayer?

No, multiplayer was made to work through steam so the first public multiplayer release will be once the free demo is out.

Can I stream the game if I support this project on patreon?

Yes, you can stream the game.

What version of backrooms is Infinitum based on?

Infinitum is taking inspiration from all backrooms wikis but also contains original content.

Do you plan to add mod support?

Yes I do plan to add mod support at some point.

Will you release the game on other platforms aswell?

Infinitum is made to run on PC Windows but if I get enough funding, I would love to publish the game on other platforms like consoles and I will also look into switch and mobile.

Will there be VR support?

I do plan to add VR support after the demo.

How do I get certain roles/become a mod?

Currently the only way to become a mod is if you have my trust and I decide to entrust you with that responsibility.

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