I Got a Millenary Cat – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

When opening the game directly with exe without using Steam, this operation will cause the Steam achievement system to fail to connect under certain probability, and there is a chance that the game will be stuck in various links and cause the game to crash. If possible, try to open the game from Steam the normal way.

If you can’t see porn, On the title screen, please turn off the “Sexual content prohibited” option, this option will cause your game to turn off all pornographic content, please note.

If you can’t find the finished dish after cooking, please press the Q or E key to switch pages and find the corresponding quality dish.

If you can’t control the game, it may be because your game controller is used at the same time as the keyboard, please make sure that you are not using the handlebars while using the keyboard. It may also be because you have switched to some language input methods, please confirm whether it is stuck because of language input methods.

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