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There’s too much to do and too little time!

Take your time. Focus on one goal at a time. You may have limited time for this loop… but you’ll always have more time later. You can’t do it all in one night, but you’ll get there eventually.

I don’t wanna die!

You’re going to die a lot. It will never slow you down much. Remember–Homebody doesn’t have inventory items to find and collect. Instead, you have knowledge gained from previous attempts (saved in your Memory Log) that you can use in your next attempt. Knowledge lives forever… even if you don’t!

I seem to be out of things to do!

  • There will usually be at least a few problems and puzzles you can solve at any one time. Here are a few general pointers:
    • Have you explored your available environment completely?
    • Is there anything you haven’t investigated? Be sure to use the Interact Reveal button (by default, ~ on keyboard and LB on controller) to find anything in the environment you might have missed. Keep an eye out for entrances that only open later on in the night, or things that only work at the beginning of the night.
  • If all else fails, and you die without making progress, the game might even give you a hint on where to look next.

I’m afraid I’m gonna break something!

If something breaks or becomes unusable, you can either fix it or it won’t stay broken for long. Don’t be afraid to mess with things like the pump in the bathroom or the power box in the cellar, even if you’re told not to. Those types of rules are made to be broken.

How do I solve (puzzle)?

  • That’s more spoiler-y than we want to get in this space, but here are some general tips:
    • Be sure to check your Memory Log to refresh yourself on any clues or other pieces of information you’ve found. You never know what might be relevant in retrospect.
    • Try talking to Emily’s friends to see if they know anything, or if Emily can ask questions about what she’s found.
    • Think about whether you have enough information to solve a puzzle. You might need a specific combination, or input, or number, or…
    • If you go a while without making any progress, the game could eventually give you a push in the right direction.

Where is the person with the knife coming from? What did I do wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong–the killer is inevitable. But, pay attention to the time and place that the killer appears… plan your night around the window of safety before the killer arrives, and try to take note of the place where the killer first begins its hunt each night.

The killer keeps coming for me! What do I do?

The house is haunted by an unstoppable presence with a knife. You can never escape it completely, but you can evade it for a while as you make progress on your goals in the house. Here are some general tips on dealing with it:

  • While you’re working on puzzles in a first-person view, pay attention to what you can see like corners or shadows on the wall, and look around to get a better view (by default, by tilting the right stick on a controller, or with WASD on keyboard.) Pay attention to the sound of the surrounding environment to stay aware of the killer’s position.
  • Remember that you can break line-of-sight with the killer or hide in closets to temporarily escape the killer’s attention.
  • The killer is attracted to certain sounds. Objects in the environment can make noises that distract the killer. And remember that the killer is more able to track your position if you loudly run all over the house!
  • Try to plan your actions each night around when the killer arrives. What can you finish before the killer shows up? What’s only possible after the killer begins its hunt?

Why won’t Cliff talk to me? I don’t like him!

Cliff is a hard guy to like. Emily likes him anyway, and so do his other friends. Try talking to them about him.

PC Specific

The maximum resolution is 1080p?

That’s right–the game’s pixelated vibe means we can’t have the resolution go too high! But we hope you’ll like the crunchy pixelation and dither as much as we do. The game automatically should scale to your desktop resolution in Borderless Window mode, so you can play the game on any display you like.

I don’t have a controller, just a keyboard and mouse, is that okay?

We designed the game to work great with keyboard and mouse (or any input device!) With a mouse you can click on the environment to move (double-click to run!) and on interacts to, well, interact. With a keyboard and mouse, use WASD to explore the house with camera-relative movement controls and click on interacts to interact.

Can I play with a controller?

We designed the game to work great on a controller (or any input device!) With a controller you can explore the house with camera-relative movement controls by tilting the left analog stick, and use the right analog stick to select nearby interacts.

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