Guild Wars 2 – New Players FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I create account under steam or direct on their website?

  • Up to you. Both work, but if you buy on Steam, you can ONLY buy Gems and Expansions through Steam.

Will I enjoy it even I play a little late than others?

  • Yes. The game starts a vertical progression to the level cap 80. Once you hit there, it is all horizontal progression.

Should I play with the mind set of joining a guild or play solo and enjoy the game?

  • Take your time on guilds. You don’t need to feel rushed to be in one. Guilds do offer a lot of benefits, but are often specialized. Guilds will focus on PvP, WvW, Raids, Fractals, etc. So take your time, you got plenty of time to browse. People also do recruiting often too.

How to you grind in this game? How to get better items?

  • Only grind you will feel is XP for Masteries and Legendaries. Masteries are account based perks shared between all of your characters and require lots of XP to unlock. That also includes earning Mastery Points to purchase them. Legendaries are the most powerful gear in game sharing the same stats as Ascended however unlike Ascended, Legendary can freely change stat allocations to suit your needs. Plus is extra flashy. Legendaries can only be earned through crafting. However crafting in general tends to yield better gear than trying to farm events for a small tiny chance for what you want to drop.
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