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What is GRAVEN?

GRAVEN is an Action Puzzle shooter with light RPG mechanics, sprinkled with mysteries, puzzles, and secrets.

Who is making GRAVEN?

The game is developed by Slipgate Ironworks and co-published by 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment. The team consists of veterans from the Quake community, 3D Realms veterans such as Chuck Jones (the artist behind many famous characters such as most of the 3D models in Half Life, and Duke Nukem 3D), and many more.

What’s the story of GRAVEN?

A faithful priest of the Orthogonal order, wrongfully exiled unto death, you awake in a small boat, adrift in a swamp. A stranger ferries you to solid ground and bestows upon you vague instructions, along with a mysterious staff and book. Go forth, pious priest, alleviate suffering, uncover deceptions, and smash the eldritch perversions encroaching upon reality itself.

What does GRAVEN mean?

Graven refers to the difference between that which is created, and that which is a natural result of an organic process. What is a grave concern in Graven is the interference in the exception to that organic process, and what happens when foundational elements are tampered with.

When can I play GRAVEN?

The release date hasn’t been decided yet so we can not give a precise date or period. However, if you wishlist the game on Steam and/or join our Discord / Facebook / Twitter you will be notified first about all the important news related to the game!

Which platforms will GRAVEN release on?

GRAVEN will be available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

What will the pricepoint of the game be?

We will decide about the price once we are closer to the completion of the game’s development.

Is there going to be a physical release for GRAVEN?

We will certainly have a limited Big Box edition filled with plenty of goodies! As for the consoles, it is something that we are considering too.

Will GRAVEN have modding and mapping support?

We’re aiming to have modding and mapping support for all of our games. We’ll have more news about modding and mapping for GRAVEN at a later date.

Will GRAVEN have Multiplayer?

Yes, GRAVEN will have co-op support, both online and local. We’ll reveal more details about this at a later date.

What can I expect from the difficulty of GRAVEN?

Combat can be solved or mitigated in a variety of ways, but your chosen skill determines placement and composition, rather than how much damage you take or how much health your opponents have. Puzzle difficulty will vary depending on whether or not the path is mandatory, but will always encourage exploration, reading, and clever use of spells, potions, and enemies.

How many levels are going to be in GRAVEN?

GRAVEN consists of 3 major hub worlds / biomes with half a dozen of large, interconnected levels in each.

Will there be a Beta for GRAVEN?

We haven’t decided yet whether we will release an early Beta or move directly to the full launch. But if you think that a Beta / Early Access is something you would like to see, feel free to let us know in the comments.

How is GRAVEN related to the HeXen series?

GRAVEN is not directly related to the HeXen series. However, the type of game HeXen aimed to be, with many innovations and modernized mechanics added into the mix, is something we personally miss in today’s FPS scene. Therefore, GRAVEN has drawn inspiration from some of the key mechanics from the HeXen series, but is by and large, a different game.

Will GRAVEN have RPG-like elements?

Not in the sense of an XP bar or leveling up. Merchants exist for acquiring and selling items, as well as upgrading. Other NPCs can yield information to help you uncover a secret, or guide you in the story. But you won’t be assigning skill points or grinding for resources.

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