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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Multiprofile support?

Not sure devs are going to implement multiple profiles, but we’ll have many save slots you can use to try different approaches to play the game.

  1. Can you set/stand freely anywhere your a van in street or just some pre-set x spots? Are there in one area have multiple x spot to parking or only one spot? (Like to sell products in the beach, nearby of market areas, campsite, traveling in the areas like bus stations, train stations or join events like music festival area, football match area & sell products there in their areas, etc.?)

Yes, there will be a multitude of locations to set up your food truck at. These are divided into two general categories: general locations like beach, lots of spots in the city etc. that are available every day and event related locations like a festival or sport event that you need a certain advancement in the game to participate in and are available only during certain days.

  1. Are there possible to set price a tag your products?

Yes. Setting prices for your dishes is actually a pretty crucial part of the game.

  1. Can you sell an ice creams/drinks/news paper/coffee?

Yes to drinks and alike, but no to goods like newspapers.

  1. How many products there is possible to sell in same time in one a van?

This depends on your food truck and how you equipped it. You start with as little as 3-5 dishes you can define on your menu up to around 30 or so (devs haven’t determined the maximal number yet).

  1. Are there possible to set your company name & rename player at start?

Yes to both.

  1. How much you can custom or edit player look, can you for example select M/F gender?

No, as there is no representation of the player character itself.

  1. Are there any general costs, like electric bill if your van was connect into electric?

Yes, like vehicle maintenance, fuel, electricity bills in your home based etc.

  1. Do you need to buy fuel/oil for you a van?

Yes as every trip you do with your food truck consumes fuel. Oil is part of the vehicle’s maintenance.

  1. Can you use barbecue with gas or electric? Do you need to buy gas bottles?

Yes, but you won’t need to buy gas bottles. devs decided against cost factors that will become a major annoyance very quick early on and rather focus on costs that are more dynamic in their nature like the fuel for your food truck that is based on actual consumption.

  1. Can machines in your a car get broken? Can you repair for them or do you re-buy them only?

Yes they can. They degrade by usage and then there is a pool of events devs draw from based on the degradation level and these events may very well end up in irreparable damage and the need for a replacement. To give you one example: if a fire breaks out in the kitchen and you don’t extinguish it quick enough, equipment is likely to take damage. Some devices you might be able to repair, some you might have to replace.

  1. Can you upgrade your tools & machines?

No. If you need better equipment in your food truck, you’ll have to buy it, remove the old one and install the new one. You do however have the option to sell the old appliance/equipment.

  1. Can player start game using only food a cart with out have food a van?

No, at the start of the game, basically within the tutorial phase of the game, you will buy your first food truck.

  1. Can you select multiple vans & look at start or do you have someshort starter van that can upgrade later & custom or is it possible to have a food cart only that can upgrade into a van?

When you earn enough money, you will be able to buy a better food truck. While doing so you will automatically trade in your old food truck and thus reduce the price of the new one based on the equipment and state of your old food truck.

  1. Can it rain or snow or general weather in the game that could affect sales?

Oh yes, the weather play a major part in not only how many customers will approach you, but also in their demands. Additionally, based on some ideas within the community devs decided to add seasons to the game as well.

  1. Are there any competitors in the game?

Yes, there will be at least 3 distinct AI competitions making your job just a bit more challenging.

  1. Is it possible to play in sandbox mode, where you can determine the difficulty level of the game?

There will be different difficulties to choose from, but devs don’t plan a proper sandbox mode for the game. However, should there be enough demand for it post-launch, devs might very well consider adding one.

  1. Are there thieves or can you get robbed by someone?

No. With all the dynamic systems, the AI competitions, the rating system and all the other cool things in the game devs felt adding things live stealing, cheating customers and alike to be just too much.

  1. Are there any the beggars or animals that can come to steal your food or beg?

No. Mostly for the same reason as 19.

  1. Can your opponent or competitor sabotage you?

Yes, but only to certain degree. Basically they can do things that will annoy you, slow you down, but nothing that might cause you to become unable to continue the game.

  1. Are there any hidden things in the game, such as tools or parts that you can use to customize your car or can you only buy everything in online store or store?


  1. Are there any food competitions in the game where the player can participate with opponents?

Yes, there are certain events (like a festival or sport events) that will require additional catering you can provide where you will be in direct competition with your competitors.

  1. Are there available limit time of events like festivals where you can choose places to park your a van in event area where there are also other competitors too where you try to compete then to get more customers then other competitors?

Yes, see 23.

  1. Can you design your company logo / food menu? If you could, can you use own set of graphics files that in game graphics?

Devs discussed this feature at some point earlier in the development, but decided against it, at least for the base game.

  1. Can a player use or increase outdoor advertising?

No, you won’t be able to place advertisements as such, but there will be a system in the game where customers rate your service and the dishes you serve and the better you rank there, the more new customers you’ll get.

  1. Can a player buy outdoor or yard furnitures around the van like a canopy that protects customers from the rain?


  1. Can the player create their own food recipe in the game or are all the recipes written in advance? Can you re-name your product or food menus?

It’s too early to give a definite answer to this questions just yet. devs set off with a system of a wide range of predetermined dishes you can select for your menu, but have recently started developing a system to allow freely creating dishes. It is however uncertain right now if this new system will make it on time for launch or if it will follow the base game in form of a DLC.

  1. Can player play or gamble a lotto coupon or casino in the game? x3


  1. Can player be just an ordinary customer like any other on another vans or bussines without sabotage this/thease?

No, you can’t be a customer.

  1. Do I need to buy all the food online, can I buy or buy locally fresh vegetables or ingredients?

You order all your ingredients online from various providers all across the city. The offers very in type, quality and price. And you also need to get there to collect your orde, so your time and fuel have to be accounted for when picking where you order your supplies. That’s basically a mini-game in its own right.

  1. Can food become outdated or spoiled?

Yes, food spoilage is an important part of the game. Fridges in your base and inside the food truck help a lot, but ingredients or prepared dishes will spoil at some point – based on the type of food some sooner than others.

  1. Are there possible to van get damage that need to repair somepoint? Like change car a battery if you use this too much for your electric machines.

Yes, the food truck requires some love every now and then and vehicle maintenance is part of the game. The more you neglect the maintenance, the higher the chance for something to break and require repair or replacement.

  1. Can player be only one type of food van or can player be multiple type of van that can sell everyting. Like to be or have a van that looks like market van of food?

Yes. You start with am old, rather small food truck. When you make enough money you can buy a better, more modern and especially larger food truck that allows you to install more equipment, more storage and expand your offer.

  1. Can van get dirty when you use that inside & outside & when you drive around your van that need to clean somepoint or if player want to or need?

Yes, both the van and the equipment inside the van get dirty. The vehicle’s dirtiness is mostly based on distance traveled and weather, while the equipment inside is based on how much goes wrong when you prepare dishes.

  1. Can you buy a TV or radio in your a van?

No, but I like especially the radio idea. I’m going to bring it up on the next game design meeting.

  1. Are there any children that can visit or buy products in the food a van?

No, at least for the time being devs haven’t considered children as customers.

  1. Are there possible to upgrade your company to be francaise business or are game focus to be only solo bussiness?

The game focuses on solo business.

  1. Can you hire AI worker with you in your a van?

No, Food Truck Simulator is all about doing things on your own, where your skill as a player in both planing ahead and preparing dishes is a major part of the challenge.

  1. Can you have AI worker in your company that have own a van that can sell stuff to bring in revenue for you?


  1. Can your van get a fire? If you lost your van, can you still continue a game?

Devs recently decided to not make it possible to wreck your food truck entirely. That being said, damage to the food truck is very much a thing in the game. To pick up on your example, you can’t burn your food truck down, but a fire in the kitchen might very well deal significant damage to your equipment inside the food truck.

  1. Can you get bankrupt in the game or set difficult or option to get possible to get bankrupt?

Yes, making “stupid” decisions ending in running out of money are very much part of the game.

  1. Can you still play game if you have negative bank balanced?

No, if you are out of funds that’s basically game over for you. You will however get several warning when you are running the risk of becoming bankrupt.

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  1. So far the information about drinks being in Food Truck Sim is totally incorrect. There is no drink (soft drinks) in the game. Also, I have not seen where you can set prices so that seems to be incorrect.

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