Dual Universe – FAQ

Common Questions (FAQ)

Q: Am I forced to do PvP? Can I get ganked when I’m just trying to mind my own business and progress?

A: No. There is a safe zone that surrounds the center three planets, all of their moons, and the main space market. Also, each planet that is NOT in the safe zone has a 400km “bubble” around it that is a safe zone as well. If you warp to those planets, you cannot be attacked mid-warp and when you drop out of warp you are placed inside of that “bubble”. In short, if you use a warp drive, you can access every planet in the game with ZERO risk of being attacked.

Q: How is this different from (insert game here)?

A: This game is mostly a sandbox. If you enjoy creating buildings, space stations, spaceships, hover speeders, a big statue of Charizard, a race track, a rubber duck to hover across your lake on, a working arcade with games you’ve coded, or literally anything else, then this game is for you. If you want to build and manage a large factory that creates in-game items people need and sell them for profit, then this game is for you. If the idea of creating a piloting HUD for the game with features like autopilot and bookmarks and fuel management excites you, then this game is for you.

Q: I’m looking for a good PvP experience. Is this game right for me?

A: The PvP is different and may not feel as engaging as other games that are more PvP focused, but the piloting is a lot of what makes PvP fun in this game. My opinion on that is, if you are interested in PvP *AND* you’re interested in any of the other aspects of the game, then this game could be for you.

Q: I heard you can script things in LUA in this game. What all can you do with it?

A: Examples of things I’ve seen. I’ve seen a full blown casino where you deposit quanta (money), play games like blackjack and slots and roulette, and then you can cash out whenever you want (you have to wait a day or so for the cashout, that can’t be automated). I’ve seen full blown autopilot scripts that will take you through multiple waypoints, then re-enter atmosphere on another planet and safely land your ship. I’ve personally made a script that reads all the data from your mining units and displays it on a screen to tell you at a glance all the information you need including how profitable your territory is based on current market value. I’ve seen arcade games fully coded like Asteroids, Flappy Bird, Tetris, Snake, and others. The sky is the limit.

Q: What kinds of fun things have people done in the beta? You say this is a sandbox and people are encouraged to create content.

A: We’ve had quite a few race tracks with a script to help keep your race times so you can compete with others. We’ve had a thing called “the DOME” which is a large dome. Inside is a cube with a bunch of seats on it for people to sit in (price 500k to sit). Then someone remote controls the cube randomly and slams it into the dome walls and the last person alive takes the pot. I’ve seen logic puzzles and escape rooms. I’ve seen giant mazes. I’m sure I’m missing some things but ultimately, your imagination is the limit really.

Q: How do I even make money in this game? What if I don’t want to build/sell ships, or start a factory… Am I stuck to just mining?

A: There are many many ways to make money in this game. You could build ships or buildings or whatever and sell them. You could make a factory and sell the items you make for money. You could mine ore and sell it for money. There is a mission system where you can pick up and deliver packages for money. You can run the daily delivery challenge in VR for some quick cash. You could make a LUA script and sell it in-game for money. You could buy a DAC (1 month sub token) with real money and sell it for in-game money. You could find an odd job on the Discord, like maybe someone needs a giant hole dug out on their hex but they don’t have terraforming skills and are willing to pay someone else to do it. You could create some kind of contest and require an entry fee and keep a percentage of the pot. You could level up specific talents, like let’s say you level up your talents in a way that you can buff ship engines. You could charge people for you to fly over there and tweak their engines or factories. I’m sure I’m missing some, but I hope my point is made here.

Q: I’m new and need a bit of guidance. Should I join an org?

A: Perhaps. You can usually get answers to general game questions by asking in the general chat in-game, but joining an org in my opinion will enhance your game experience. It brings in a sense of community. Org members may be more likely to take an extra step in helping you get on your feet. Some things are much easier to accomplish as a group. Joining an org isn’t necessary, but I recommend it for most people. You can be in up to 5 different orgs at a time. If the org doesn’t jive with you, then just leave.

Q: What ores should i be mining?

A: Any of them. At the start, Tier 1 and 2 ores are what you’ll want but as the game progresses, any ore is fine. The market prices fluctuate regularly but every ore should have a good value. You can always sell ores you don’t need or have excess of to buy the ores you need. If you also have a factory that needs a lot of a specific ore, then obviously you’ll want to focus that specific ore. Just be mindful of the weight of the ore if you’re having to transport it long distances. Gold is HEAVY.

Q: What are the benefits of leaving the safe zone?

A: There’s plenty of benefits. Asteroids with higher tier ore in much higher quantites. Alien cores with the plasma required to make the highest tier and most powerful items in the game. Delivery missions with much longer distances that pay out a whole lot more money because they go through PvP space. Also, PvP is just fun to a lot of people. I’ve done it a few times, I see why people like it.

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