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Frequently Asked Questions


My language isn’t listed in the settings menu.

  • Please let us know! If enough people want it, we might be able to translate the game to more languages one day.

I can’t change language.

  • You can change language in the settings menu at the title screen. You cannot currently change your language while in-game.

Is there a demo?

  • There is currently a demo available on Switch and no plans for a demo release on other platforms at this time.

How long is the game?

  • We are estimating 12-20 hours for the average player, to finish everything

Will there be post-release content?

  • We’d love to but nothing confirmed yet

Where will the OST be available?

  • Full OST is available when you purchase the Deluxe edition of the game, or the separate OST. A selection of tracks will be available via Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and all your music streaming providers.

Why isn’t DREDGE available in Russia or Belarus?

  • Due to the ongoing conflict DREDGE and other games from Team17 will not be available for purchase in Russia or Belarus.


I can’t catch X fish.

  • Make sure you have the correct type of rod!

I can’t find a particular fish.

  • Check out the encyclopedia and pay attention to the time of day and required rod.

I don’t know what to do now.

  • Check your Pursuits board, in your cabin.

I can’t sleep / pass time.

  • Make sure you’ve finished the introduction quest. Sleeping unlocks after you sell your first fish.

The fishmonger / mayor disappeared.

  • Make sure you’re at the correct dock! If in doubt, look for the Lighthouse.

I’m lost.

  • You can open your Map with the M key, or UP on a controller d-pad.

How do I read the books?

  • Select one as ‘active’, then just play the game normally. You’ll read the books passively as you explore. Time spent sleeping does not count, however.

What does the eye mean at the top of the screen?

  • The eye represents your current level of panic.

I lost [the key], so I can’t progress.

  • If you discard the key, it respawns where you originally found it.

I lost [a different quest item], so I can’t progress.

  • Most of our quests have multiple endings – including, for example, ‘losing’ the item (or person…) you’re transporting. Your progress should never be fully blocked.

Why can’t I place my fish on top of 2 other fish?

  • We have no way of handling that at the moment, which can make it awkward when you catch a large fish. If you’ve unlocked the storage tray underneath the minigame, you can use that to temporarily re-arrange your cargo.

Why can’t I bulk sell fish from storage?

  • We keep your storage untouched in case you need to hold onto a fish for a quest, so bulk sell only works on your inventory.

The game’s too hard.

  • Sleep more!

The game’s too easy.

  • Sleep less.

What does the foghorn do?

  • It attracts some things to you, and scares other things away.

How hard is it to complete all achievements?

  • It’s going to be different depending on how you play, but not that hard we don’t think.

Can you get all achievements in a single save slot? / Can you miss an achievement?

  • You can get all achievements in a single save slot. No achievements are missable.

Can I keep playing after the story concludes?

  • Yes.


I’d appreciate X accessibility option.

  • Please let us know! We’ll do what we can.

The UI text is too small.

  • For Steam Deck users you can use the Magnify option on your console

It doesn’t feel natural using [this] key for [this] action.

  • You can rebind controls in the settings screen.

I’m struggling to complete the fishing and dredging minigames.

  • Check that you’re not getting input lag. You might want to also check your monitor’s refresh rate and turn it up if possible. If you’re still struggling, you could try enabling Relaxed Fishing Mode in the settings.

I’m playing with a PlayStation / Switch Pro controller, but the game shows Xbox icons.

  • There’s an issue where sometimes you need to disable steam’s PlayStation / Switch support for the game to correctly register these controllers. To solve this:

Close the game > right click the game in your library > Properties > Controller > Override for DREDGE > Disable Steam Input > Reopen the game

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