Destroy All Humans! – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

What platforms will it release on?

Destroy All Humans! will be released on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing we don’t have any plans to release Destroy All Humans! in Nintendo Switch.

When will the game be released?

We aim for a release in 2020, marking the 15th anniversary of the Destroy All Humans!-Series.

Technical Questions

What engine are you using?

The remake of Destroy All Humans! is being developed with the Unreal Engine 4

Supported peripherals

Other than game controller and mouse&keyboard we don’t support peripherals.

Game Related Questions

Will it have any multiplayer-component?

No, we focus on faithfully remaking and carefully improving the original

Is it a remake or a remaster?

Destroy All Humans! is a complete remake of the original game from 2005.
Everything from the characters, to the levels and all assets in the game are completely remodeled, textured and dressed. Really everything is made new utilizing modern tools and hardware.

What are we keeping just the way it was and should be?

The unique 50s alien invasion story and legendary dialogues full of quirky humor are there how they should be.

What are we carefully updating?

Crypto is more agile than ever, his aerial combat skills improved, his psychic skills can now be used in glorious unison with his guns. And the new Psychokinesis is much more versatile, and you can use in combination with other actions.

What are the biggest differences to the Original?

We introduced a focus-mode to allow players to lock on to enemies. PK (psychokinesis) is now much more combat-focused. Due to longer airtime, air-combat with the jetpack is now more convenient. Psi-spells and combat can be used at the same time, creating a more seamless gameplay experience.

What about the voice loca?

We are using the original English voice-localization, with minor additions for the lost mission, quality of life and diversity. We are doing a completely new German voice-localization. We will record additional English material to improve player guidance and feedback, as well as for the Lost Mission that we’re restoring and making playable for the first time.

Are the original developers involved?

No, but we have been in touch with some of the key people behind the original.

How many people work on Destroy All Humans?

Currently we have more than sixty people working full time on the project. This is not counting external help and studios.

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