Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get help?

This is a very early version of this game, and not all tutorials and help features are in place yet. So don’t feel bad about having questions that need answers.

The best way to currently get help is to use the chat feature [Enter] to ask for advice and help from other players. You can also check out our Discord. Here, we have a dedicated help section where we share more video guides.

Who am I?

You are a Coreborn, a chosen member of Tormentosla’s society allowed to venture into recently reclaimed regions from Sorgoth the Devourer to recover and revive them. You have the ability to shape the world and find your place within it.

What am I supposed to do?

You can help us the most by playing as much content as possible. Gather resources and build a town. Then try to level up that town to the maximum level available and defend it from the following attacks.
Build all defenses, use all crafting stations, create better gear, and fight the enemies on the map using what you have made.

And most important: if you have any kind of feedback or discover bugs and inconsistencies reducing your experience, you are more than welcome to let us know. Please join our discord or submit your feedback to the feedback form. We greatly appreciate your opinion and help to make the game better.

How do I start?

Follow the guidance of Nib the Jib. You meet him at your first arrival in Coreheim. Talk to him and follow his directions to get to the Survival Map and there, complete the tutorial to get a first understanding of what Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore is about. He will show you where to find the first important resources, how to establish your first town and how to defend it against the hordes of Sorgoth.

How do I orientate?

Besides the map, which you can access over the in-game menu, Nib the Jib was sent to assist you. He will show you the ropes on how to navigate on the Survival Map. You can always find your way back to him by looking out for the Jibbling Icon on your map.

Where do I find specific resources?

Coreborn already features different biomes, including mountains, hills, forests, moss seas and farmlands. Resources are spread across these biomes, with some unique to specific locations. If you can’t find the resource you are looking for, explore the map a bit. It might just be in a different biome. If you still need help, refer to the item list in this journal.

How do I build houses?

To build a house, you need to craft a Building Hammer first. You can find it in your Crafting menu [C]. Once you have the hammer, you’ll be able to start building. The controls are explained on the first help page [F1], and there’s an additional video available on our Discord server.

Why can’t I build in some Locations?

In the spawn areas of the survival map of Ambros and in places reserved for later development, you cannot build towns or structures. <it’s also possible that your chosen location already has a town claiming it. Any blueprint you place here will show up in red. Find a different spot to build or just ask the players in this area if you can join their town.

I’m stuck. What can I do?

If you find yourself stuck, open the Settings by pressing [Esc] and use the [Teleport to Coreheim] Button. It will teleport you back to Coreheim. Keep in mind that the button has a cooldown, so it’s better to use it only when really necessary.

Ambros Map

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