Company of Heroes 3 – Official Console Edition FAQ

Console Edition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the Console Edition be launching on the same day as the PC Edition?   

The PC Edition of CoH3 will launch on February 23rd, 2023. The Console Edition launch date has not been announced yet, so be sure to follow us on our social channels for the latest news. Rest assured that it will be coming in 2023.

When did you decide to bring CoH3 to consoles; Does this affect the PC Edition? 

Relic has a long history of delivering incredible strategy experiences on the PC. We knew we had to do the same for CoH3 and launch the best game in the franchise’s history without any compromises. Because of that, our development from the very start was always PC-focused. We wanted to deliver the best-in-class strategy experience our PC fans have come to expect.

The nice thing about modern consoles is that they are basically just PC’s underneath their fancy cases. This allows us to expand the audience for CoH3 by bringing the game to console. At launch, both versions will be nearly identical, aside from the minor changes we outline below.

Though console development started shortly after our work on PC, Relic has tremendous support from our SEGA partner studios to ensure the Console Edition meets the high standards of our developers and our console players.

Will cross-play or cross-progression be available? 

Currently, we are not planning to implement any cross-platform features for the Console Edition. This includes cross-play or cross-progression. 

Will the controls and the game’s HUD be adapted for the controller?   

Yes. We’ve been working hard internally at Relic and in conjunction with our partner studios at SEGA to ensure CoH3 controls intuitively and responsively with a controller. We’ve also modified the HUD and UI to ensure navigating with a controller is easy and feels good. You can see this in action in our announcement gameplay video. It was also important to us to ensure that any changes to make CoH3 feel good on console would not adversely affect how you play or control the game on the PC Edition.   

Will Company of Heroes 3 have Mouse and Keyboard support on console?  

Yes, you can use a controller for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox or a compatible mouse and keyboard. 

Will CoH3’s Console Edition be the same as the PC Edition? 

At launch, the two editions of CoH 3 will be identical with some minor exceptions: 

  • CoH3 Console Edition will feature full controller support. 
  • CoH3 Console Edition will not have an in-game Store or Challenges. 
  • CoH3 Console Edition will not feature modding support. 
  • Select post-launch content, cosmetics, or gameplay additions will come to console after being released on PC. We plan to bundle standout content into more robust expansions for Console Edition owners.  

Did you move CoH3’s PC Edition launch date to do work on the Console Edition?

No. As we noted when we originally moved CoH3’s launch date, we did so to ensure we could release the game in the best possible state we could, while making sure it had the polish, bug fixes, and refinement necessary to live up to the high standards of our development team and our fans. A lot of the work for the Console Edition has been undertaken by a trusted development partner in close collaboration with our team, allowing Relic to focus on PC development while overseeing both editions of the game. 

Will the Console Edition support 4K?   

Yes, you will be able to enjoy the Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition in 4K quality. 

Will Company of Heroes 3 be coming to any on-demand services?    

We have no plans to bring CoH3 to on-demand services anytime soon.

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