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Hello everyone, I made a collection of all the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the world?

We are preparing a relatively large Day World for Circadian City. There will be at least 6 different zones and in each zone there are 4-5 buildings and 7-8 characters.

The Dream World is made up of two different environments. One of them is called the passage, where you can farm, herd, craft and build the facilities for your personality. This is a limite space but it’s enlargable in time.

The Wilderness which can be thought as the subconscious of your character is an endless procedural world where you can encounter anything.

During the Early Access we will add new content, new zones and new characters to the game. It is going to be huge.

How long you plan to stay in Early Access?

Honestly, as long as it lasts. At least a year. We want the communities ideas and suggestions to keep it going and we believe the game is very scalable so there is the possibility that we might keep adding content to CC all our lives.

Any microtransactions?


Any DLC?

Maybe in the future but not in the first year. Like in Don’t Starve, with lots of new content or like a complete new game.

Character customization?

This is actually interesting. We didn’t thought about adding this in the beginning. We had a character, called Matt and this was his story. But we realized how important it is to customize their characters for some players so yes. We are currently adding this to the game and we will launch with customization options including gender selection and changing the looks a little.

This might take some time because all of the written content was prepared for a male character and now we are making some of the dialogues ambigious or we are doubling them with new options.

Can I fall in love in the game?

Yes and there is no gender limitations.

Can I decorate my house?

We know this is an important issue for all of us. We prepared “the Passage” in Dream World as a place where you can build upon however you like. Your home or rather your appartment won’t be customizable in the beginning of Early Access but this is one of the features we would like to add during EA.

What are the features that are going to be implemented during Early Access? Should we wait for the final version of the game?

Waiting for the final version will be a big mistake for Circadian City. We are working hard to deliver a bug-free version for the start of Early Access. The game will be tested thousands of times in the closed alpha stage and you shouldn’t wait for the final version. Probably, there won’t be a final version. “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving”. This is the experience itself. You will embark in our journey to develop a huge city, with living characters and with its subconscious.

We have many ideas for new features but we are waiting to see your ideas as well to implement them. There is always the possibility that your ideas are better than ours and they probably are.

Will there be minigames?

Yes. Everywhere. Both Day World and Dream World is full of mini games you can be addicted to. We will keep adding them during Early Access

How can a simple gamer affect the development process during Early Access.?

We plan to open a Trello board where you can vote for the upcoming features. Also we will be discussing daily with the community and updating the game very frequently.

How involved we can be with the development?

There will be layers of involvement. If you enjoy the game, it’s cool. If you want to create content for it, there will be a modders community. If you want to change how the core system works, let’s discuss this, why you want it and how you want the new version to be. If it makes sense, we will comply.

Is there an end to the game?

In theory there isn’t. But if you play 500 hundred hours you might consume most of the content of the game. But we want the game world to be enjoyable enough for you to prefer staying in.

What about multiplayer?

This is one of the features for Early Access but we want the single player experience to be mature enough to think about it. The multiplayer version of the game has always been in our mind and we will most probably make it one day.

How the Dream World works? What do we do?

We will create a wiki for the game answering most of the design related questions. But think of it as a farming/mining/crafting/building/survival game in the Dream World. While the Day World is more like a management / RPG / friendship&dating simulation game.

Can I spend more time in the Dream World?

We assume some players might like one of the worlds more than the other. There will be options to spend more time in the world you like but you can’t skip the other part completely.

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